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Title: Multicomponent reactions based on nucleophilic carbenes and their applications in organic synthesis
Authors: Vijay Nair, G
Rajeev S Menon
Sreekumar, V
Keywords: Carbenes
Multicomponent reactions
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
Citation: Pure and Applied Chemistry 77(7):1191-1198; Jul 2005
Abstract: Zwitterionic intermediates generated from the addition of nonprotic nucleophiles to activated acetylenes are intercepted with various third components constituting novel multicomponent organic transformations. Catalytic amounts of an organic base like pyridine were found to trigger reactions between an electrophilic acetylene and a variety of electrophiles. The reactions proceed through dipolar intermediates and show high stereoselectivity.
ISSN: 0033-4545
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