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Title: Microbial synthesis of chitinase in solid cultures and its potential as a biocontrol agent against phytopathogenic fungus Colletotrichum gloeosporioides
Authors: Sandhya, C
Binod, P
Nampoothiri, K M
Szakacs, G
Pandey, A
Keywords: Biologic control
Solid-state cultivation
Antifungal activity
pH stability
Thermal stability
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Humana Press Inc.(Springer)
Citation: Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 127(1):1-15; Oct 2005
Abstract: Antifungal activity of chitinase can be effectively utilized in biologic pest control strategies. Because solid-state cultivation has been termed a cost-effective means for fungal growth and metabolite production, chitinase production by Trichoderma harzianum was studied using wheat bran-based solid medium containing 1% colloidal chitin. Chitinase synthesis was found to be growth associated because maximum enzyme (5.4 U/g of dry substrate) and biomass production occurred at 72 h. Substrate moisture had a critical impact on chitinase production; five grams of medium having an initial moisture content of 68.4% when incubated for 72 h increased the enzyme yield to 9.3 U/g of dry substrate. Optimization of colloidal chitin concentration showed that improvements in chitinase yield and maximum activity were attained with a 2% (w/w) concentration. Supplementation of additional nitrogen sources also influenced enzyme production, and the best yield was obtained with yeast extract. The effect of crude chitinase on hyphal morphology of the phytopathogenic fungus Colletotrichum gloeosporioides was swelling as well as lysis of hyphal wall, depending on the age of the mycelium. Studies of pH and thermal stability showed that crude culture filtrate was active over pH 4.0-6.0 and retained about 48.2% activity after 40 min of incubation at 40 degrees C.
ISSN: 0273-2289
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