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Title: Biospeckle Laser Technique – a Novel Non-destructive Approach for Food Quality and Safety Detection
Authors: Pandiselvam, R
Mayookha, V P
Kothakota, Anjineyulu
Ramesh, S V
Thirumdas, Rohit
Juvvi, Praneeth
Keywords: biospeckle laser technique
biochemical changes
food quality
horticultural produce
non-destructive method
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Trends in Food Science and Technology, 97:1-13.
Abstract: Biospeckle laser technique is an emerging non-destructive, quality detection tool used for the evaluation of biological samples. It is rapid, easy to operate and economical, and assures the quality and safety of the fresh produces.The biological activity of the materials is altered due to the contamination, damages, maturation, etc. Hence, these factors can be non-destructively analyzed by the biospeckle method combined with the numerical processing techniques. Several qualitative and quantitative methods namely, Fujii, Absolute Value Difference, Inertia Moment, Generalized Difference, etc have been developed for effective biospeckle analysis. Major applications of this tool include identification of bruises, maturation and ripening changes in fruits and vegetables, meat quality detection, seed viability analysis, and detection of fungal colony infection.
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