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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Effect of molybdenum and praseodymium dopants on the optical properties of Sm2Ce2O7: Tuning of band gaps to realize various color huesVishnu, V S; Giable George; Reddy, M L P
2011Tuning of the excitation wavelength from UV to visible region in Eu3+-beta-diketonate complexes: Comparison of theoretical and experimental photophysical propertiesDivya, V; Freire, R O; Reddy, M L P
2011Amphiphilic pi-conjugated poly (m-phenylene) photosensitizer for the eu3+ ion: The role of macromolecular chain aggregation on the color tunability of lanthanidesBalamurugan, A; Reddy, M L P; Jayakannan, M
2009Carboxylic-functionalized water soluble pi-conjugated polymer: Highly selective and efficient chemosensor for Mercury(II) ionsBalamurugan, A; Reddy, M L P; Jayakannan, M
2013Lanthanide benzoates: a versatile building block for the construction of efficient light emitting materialsReddy, M L P; Sarika, S
2013A mitochondria-specific visible-light sensitized europium β-diketonate complex with red emission.Divya, V; Vandana, S; Raghu, K G; Reddy, M L P
2013Brilliant photoluminescence and triboluminescence from ternary complexes of DyIII and TbIII with 3-Phenyl-4-propanoyl-5-isoxazolonate and a Bidentate Phosphine Oxide Coligand.Biju, S; Gopakumar, N; Bünzli, J C G; Scopelliti, R; Kim, H K; Reddy, M L P
2010Synthesis and crystal structures of lanthanide 4-benzyloxy benzoates: Influence of electron-withdrawing and electron-donating groups on luminescent propertiesSarika, S; Reddy, M L P; Cowley, A H; Vasudevan, K V
2009Molecular ladders of lanthanide-3-phenyl-4-benzoyl-5-isoxazolonate and Bis(2-(diphenylphosphino)phenyl) ether oxide complexes: The role of the ancillary ligand in the sensitization of Eu3+ and Tb3+ luminescenceBiju, S; Reddy, M L P; Cowley, A H; Vasudevan, K V
2011The synthesis, characterization and optical properties of silicon and praseodymium doped Y6MoO12 compounds: Environmentally benign inorganic pigments with high NIR reflectanceGiable George; Vishnu, V S; Reddy, M L P