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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-03Ligand-controlled electrochromic diversification with multilayer coated metallosupramolecular polymer assembliesMukkatt, I; Nirmala, A; Madhavan, N D; Shankar, S; Deb, B; Ajayaghosh, A
2021Ligand-controlled Electrochromic Diversification with Multilayer Coated Metallosupramolecular Polymer AssembliesMukkatt, I; Nirmala, A; Madhavan, N D; Shankar, S; Deb, B; Ajayaghosh, A
2012-05-02Light-Induced ostwald ripening of organic nanodots to rodsMahesh, S; Anesh Gopal; Rajasekaran, T; Ajayaghosh, A
2015Living supramolecular polymerizationMukhopadhyay, R D; Ajayaghosh, A
2013Luminescent and conductive supramolecular polymers obtained from an N-annulated perylenedicarboxamideGarcia, F; Buendia, J; Ghosh, S; Ajayaghosh, A; Sanchez, L
2007Metallo supramolecular assemblies of bis-squaraines by allosteric Ca2+ ion bindingYagi, S; Hyodo, Y; Hirose, M; Nakazumi, H; Sakurai, Y; Ajayaghosh, A
2012-02Molecular logic gates: Recent advances and perspectvesSreejith, S; Ajayaghosh, A
2011Multiple analyte response and molecular logic operations by excited-state charge-transfer modulation in a bipyridine integrated fluorophoreSreejith, S; Divya, K P; Manojkumar, T K; Ajayaghosh, A
2016Nanosheets of an Organic Molecular Assembly from Aqueous Medium Exhibit High Solid-State Emission and Anisotropic Charge-Carrier MobilitySamrat, Ghosh; Divya Susan, Philips; Akinori Saeki; Ajayaghosh, A
2017-03-14Nanosheets of an Organic Molecular Assembly from Aqueous Medium Exhibit High Solid-State Emission and Anisotropic Charge-Carrier MobilityGhosh, S; Divya, S P; Saeki, A; Ajayaghosh, A
2008A near-infrared squaraine dye as a latent ratiometric fluorophore for the detection of aminothiol content in blood plasmaSreejith, S; Divya, K P; Ajayaghosh, A
2008Noncovalent macromolecular architectures of oligo(p-phenylenevinylene)s (OPVs): Role of end functional groups on the gelation of organic solventsBabu, S S; Praveen, V K; Ajayaghosh, A
2012Oligo(p-phenylene-ethynylene)-derived super-p-gelators with tunable emission and self-assembled polymorphic structuresAnesh Gopal; Reji Varghese; Ajayaghosh, A
2014Oligo(phenylenevinylene) hybrids and self-assemblies: Versatile materials for excitation energy transferPraveen, V K; Ranjith, C; Bandini, E; Ajayaghosh, A; Armaroli, N
2015Organic donor-acceptor assemblies form coaxial p-n heterojunctions with high photoconductivityPrasanthkumar, S; Ghosh, S; Vijayakumar C Nair; Saeki, A; Seki, S; Ajayaghosh, A
2008Organogels as scaffolds for excitation energy transfer and light harvestingAjayaghosh, A; Praveen, V K; Vijayakumar, C
2016-09-23A p-gel scaffold for assembling fullerene to photoconducting supramolecular rodsVishnu Sukumaran, Nair; Rahul Dev, Mukhopadhyay; Akinori Saeki; Shu Seki; Ajayaghosh, A
2018-02-28pH-Controlled Nanoparticles Formation and Tracking of Lysosomal Zinc Ions in Cancer Cells by Fluorescent Carbazole–Bipyridine ConjugatesSudheesh, K V; Joseph, M M; Divya, S P; Samanta, A; Maiti, K K; Ajayaghosh, A
2022-08-26Photocycloaddition as a Tool for Modulation of the Lower Critical Solution Temperature in a Molecular π‐System to Control Transmission of Solar RadiationDas, S; Patra, D; Shankar, S; Ajayaghosh, A
2018-01-07Photokinetic Study on Remarkable Excimer Phosphorescence from Heteroleptic Cyclometalated Platinum(II) Complexes Bearing a Benzoylated 2-Phenylpyridinate LigandOkamura, N; Maeda, T; Fujiwara, H; Anjaly, S; Narayanan Unni, K N; Ajayaghosh, A; Yagi, S