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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03-20Design and Fabrication of Flexible Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Dielectric Composite Reinforced with ZnO MicrovaristorsJeen Maria, M; Santhosh, B; Peer Mohamed, A; Ananthakumar, S
2020Development of ZnO@rGO Nanocomposites for the Enzyme Free Electrochemical Detection of Urea and GlucoseBabitha, K B; Soorya, P S; Mohamed, A P; Rakhi, R B; Ananthakumar, S
2009-10Direct Oxidation Route from Metal to Ceramic: Study on Cobalt OxideMetz, R; Morel, J; Delalu, H; Ananthakumar, S; Hassanzadeh, M
2007Direct synthesis of varistor-grade doped nanocrystalline ZnO and its densification through a step-sintering techniqueAnas, S; Mangalaraja, R V; Mukundan, P; Shukla, S K; Ananthakumar, S
2013-02-26Effect of micro-and nano-fillers on the properties of silicone rubber-alumina flexible microwave substrateNamitha, L.K.; Chameswary, J; Ananthakumar, S; Sebastiann, M.T.
2013Effect of micro-and nano-fillers on the properties of silicone rubber-alumina flexible microwave substrateNamitha, L K; Chameswary, J; Ananthakumar, S; Sebastian, M T
2016-07Effect of Nano-Modified SiO2/Al2O3 Mixed-Matrix Micro-Composite Fillers on Thermal, Mechanical, and Tribological Properties of Epoxy PolymersVaisakh, S S; Peer Mohammed, A A; Hassanzadeh, M; Tortorici, J F; Metz, R; Ananthakumar, S
2014Effect of nano/micro-mixed ceramic fillers on the dielectric and thermal properties of epoxy polymer compositesVaisakh, S S; Hassanzadeh, M; Metz, R; Ramakrishnan, S; Chappelle, D; Sudha, J D; Ananthakumar, S
2014-02Effect of Rare Earth Dopants on Structural Characteristics of Nanoceria Synthesized by Combustion MethodJamshidijam, M; Mangalaraja, R V; Akbari-Fakhrabadi, A; Ananthakumar, S; Chan, S H
2013Effect of two-step sintering on rare earth (RE = Y2 O3,Pr6 O11) doped ZnO–Bi2O3 varistors processed from ‘nano-precursor’ powdersMahesh, K V; Anas, S; Rahul, S; Ananthakumar, S
2012-01-05Electrical and thermal characterization of Sm3+ doped ceria electrolytes synthesized by combustion techniqueMangalaraja, R V; Ananthakumar, S; Paulraj, M; Pesenti, H; Lopez, M; Camurri, C P; Barcos, L A; Avila, R E
2013Electrical and thermal properties of low permittivity Sr2Al2SiO7 ceramic filled HDPE compositesManu, K M; Ananthakumar, S; Sebastian, M T
2012-12-15Evaluation of mechanical hardness and fracture toughness of Co and Al co-doped ZnOSiddheswaran, R; Mangalaraja, R V; Avila, R E; Manikandan, D; Esther Jeyanthi, C; Ananthakumar, S
2012Fabrication and characterization of Co, Al:ZnO thin films by a sol-gel spin coating technique for ferromagnetic applicationsSiddheswaran, R; Mangalaraja, R V; Avila, R E; Gomez, M E; Manikandan, D; Lopez, M; Esther Jeyanthi, C; Ananthakumar, S
2012-03-01Fabrication of nanostructured clay–carbon nanotube hybrid nanofiller by chemical vapour depositionManikandan, D; Mangalaraja, R V; Siddheswaran, R; Avila, R E; Ananthakumar, S
2009A facile approach to hexagonal ZnO nanorod assemblyUma, K; Ananthakumar, S; Mangalaraja, R V; Mahesh, K P O; Soga, T; Jimbo, T
2023-05-15A facile hydrous mechano-synthesis of magnesium hydroxide [Hy-Mg(OH)2] nano fillers for flame-retardant polyester compositesBalanand, S; Muthusundar, K; Jeen Maria, M; Abdul Azeez Peer, M; Ananthakumar, S
2018-01Impact of Acceptor-Type Substitution on Electrical Transport Properties of Zircon-Type EuVO4Gayathri, T H; Yaremchenko, A A; Zakharchuk, K; Abhilash, P; Ananthakumar, S
2007Low temperature synthesis of aluminium titanate by an aqueous sol-gel routeJayasankar, M; Ananthakumar, S; Mukundan, P; Warrier, K G K
2007Low-temperature fine-grained alumina-aluminum titanate composites produced from a titania-coated alumina precursorMani, J; Ananthakumar, S; Mukundan, P; Warrier, K G K