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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-11Comparing Effects of Silver and Iron Deposition on Dye-Adsorption in Dark Using Anatase-Titania Nanotubes CatalystHarsha, N; Babitha, K B; Shukla, S; Warrier, K G K
2013-09-29Decolorization of aqueous solution containing Organic Synthetic-Dye via Dark-Catalysis process using hydrothermally synthesized semiconductor-oxides nanotubesBabitha, K B; Warrier, K G K; Shukla, S
2020Development of ZnO@rGO Nanocomposites for the Enzyme Free Electrochemical Detection of Urea and GlucoseBabitha, K B; Soorya, P S; Mohamed, A P; Rakhi, R B; Ananthakumar, S
2011-02Hydrothermal Processing of Hydrogen Titanate/Anatase-Titania Nanotubes and Their Application as Strong Dye-AdsorbentsHarsha, N; Ranya, K R; Babitha, K B; Shukla, S; Biju, S; Reddy, M L P; Warrier, K G K
2018-02-21Investigations on ZnO-Graphene Oxide Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites: Synthesis, Functional Properties and ApplicationsBabitha, K B
2015-11Microwave Accelerated Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoplates and their Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity Under UV and Solar IlluminationsAnas, S; Rahul, S; Babitha, K B; Mangalaraja, R V; Ananthakumar, S
2015-06Microwave Assisted Aqueous Synthesis of Organosilane Treated Mesoporous Si@ZnO Nano Architectures as Dual-functional, PhotocatalystsBabitha, K B; Linsha, V; Anas, S; Mohamed, A P; Kiran, M; Ananthakumar, S
2012-08-30Processing fly ash stabilized hydrogen titanate nano-sheets for industrial dye-removal applicationHareesh, P; Babitha, K B; Shukla, S
2013Silica-based NTPC-fly ash for dye-removal application and effect of its modificationBabitha, K B; Jeena, V P; Hareesh, P; Shukla, S; Warrier, K G K