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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Palladium nanoparticle-cored G (1)-dendrimer stabilized by carbon-Pd bonds: synthesis, characterization and use as chemoselective, room temperature hydrogenation catalyst.Ratheesh Kumar, V K; Gopidas, K R
2014Palladium-nanoparticle-linked organic frameworks: Heterogeneous recyclable catalysts in aqueous mediumPrakash, S P; Gopidas, K R
2009Phenothiazine attached Ru(bpy)(3) (2)+ derivative as highly selective "turn-ON" luminescence chemodosimeter for Cu2+Ajayakumar, G; Sreenath, K; Gopidas, K R
2010Phenylethynylarene based Donor-Acceptor systems: Design, synthesis and photophysical studiesSuneesh, C V; Gopidas, K R
2010Photoinduced charge separation in two Bis(phenylethynyl)anthracene-based triads: Inverted region effect vs distance effect on back electron transferSuneesh, C V; Vinayak, M V; Gopidas, K R
6-May-2021Photoinduced electron transfer in a self-assembled bis(β-cyclodextrin)-linked pyrene/bis(adamantane)-linked methyl viologen donor–acceptor system in aqueous solutionAthira, K J; Gopidas, K R
2006Photoinduced electron transfer in a-cyclodextrin-based supramolecular dyads: A free-energy-dependence studyBijitha, B; Gopidas, K R
Nov-1998Photoinduced electron transfer: Design and study of new sensitizers to control back electron transferManoj, N; Gopidas, K R
Jun-2002Photophysical and electron transfer studies of trioxatriangulenium and related cationic systemsDileesh, S; Gopidas, K R
28-Jun-2018Probing Recombination Mechanism and Realization of Marcus Normal Region Behavior in DSSCs Employing Cobalt Electrolytes and Triphenylamine DyesSuraj, Pradhan; Pradhan, S C; Muhammed, Yoosuf; Vinayak, M V; Lingamoorthy, S; Gopidas, K R
2005Reaction of aromatic amines with Cu(ClO4)2 in acetonitrile as a facile route to amine radical cation generationSumalekshmy, S; Gopidas, K R
5-Aug-2021Self-Assembly and Photochemistry of a Pyrene-Methyl Viologen Supramolecular Fiber SystemJeevan, A K; Gopidas, K R
Nov-2018Self-assembly and photoinduced electron transfer in a donor- β -cyclodextrin-acceptor supramolecular systemKrishnan, R; Krishnan, S B; Bijitha Balan; Gopidas, K R
3-Sep-2019Self-Assembly of a β-Cyclodextrin Bis-Inclusion Complex into a Highly Crystalline Fiber Network. An Effective Strategy for Null Aggregate DesignNayak, N; Gopidas, K R
2006Structure absorption spectra correlation in a series of 2,6-dimethyl-4-arylpyrylium saltsManoj, N; Ajayakumar, G; Gopidas, K R; Suresh, C H
29-Nov-2012Study of beta-cyclodextrin-pyromellitic diimide complexation. conformational analysis of binary and ternary complex structures by induced circular dichroism and 2D NMR spectroscopiesRetheesh, K; Rakhi, A M; Gopidas, K R
Oct-2001Study of photoinduced electron transfer in hydrogen bonded donor acceptor systemsSmitha, M A; Gopidas, K R
5-Nov-2012Study of β‑Cyclodextrin−Pyromellitic Diimide Complexation. Conformational Analysis of Binary and Ternary Complex Structures by Induced Circular Dichroism and 2D NMR SpectroscopiesRetheesh Krishnan; Rakhi, A M; Gopidas, K R
2010Synthesis and characterization of gold-nanoparticle-cored dendrimers stabilized by metal-carbon bondsRatheesh Kumar, V K; Gopidas, K R
2005Synthesis and photophysical studies of donor-acceptor substituted tetrahydropyrenesSumalekshmy, S; Gopidas, K R