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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-05-131,4-Dipolar Cycloadditions and Related ReactionsVijay Nair, G; Ani Deepthi; Devipriya, A; Anabha, E R; Paul, R R
2006DMAP catalyzed reaction of beta-ketoesters and dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate: efficient synthesis of polysubstituted benzenes and biarylsVijay Nair; Vidya, N; Biju, A T; Ani Deepthi; Abhilash, K G; Suresh, E
2005The multicomponent reaction of dimethoxycarbene, dimethyl butynedioate and electrophilic styrenes: an unprecedented synthesis of highly substituted cyclopentenone acetalsVijay Nair; Beneesh, P B; Sreekumar, V; Bindu, S; Rajeev S Menon; Ani Deepthi
2006-06Novel multicomponent reactions based on triphenylphosphine, dimethoxycarbene and isocyanide - synthesis of phosphoranes and oxygen heterocyclesAni Deepthi; Vijay Nair, G
2006A novel reaction of vicinal tricarbonyl compounds with the isocyanide-DMAD zwitterion: formation of highly substituted furan derivativesVijay Nair, G; Ani Deepthi
2006A Novel Three-component Reaction of Triphenylphosphine, DMAD, and Electron-deficient Styrenes: Facile Synthesis of Cyclopentenyl PhosphoranesVijay Nair, G; Ani Deepthi; Beneesh, P B; Suresh, E
2005One-pot, four-component reaction of isocyanides, dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate, and cyclobutene-1,2-diones: a synthesis of novel spiroheterocyclesVijay Nair, G; Rajeev S Menon; Ani Deepthi; Rema Devi, B; Biju, A T
2006Reaction of dimethoxycarbene-DMAD zwitterion with 1,2-diones and anhydrides: A novel synthesis of highly substituted dihydrofurans and spirodihydrofuransVijay Nair, G; Ani Deepthi; Manojkumar, P; Bindu, S; Sreekumar, V; Beneesh, P B; Resmi Mohan; Suresh, E
2009Recent advances in CAN mediated reactions in organic synthesisVijay Nair, G; Ani Deepthi