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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-31Chitosan a versatile adsorbent in environmental remediation in the era of circular economy-a mini reviewSharrel, R; Sangeeta, S; Jisha, M S; Reshmy, R; Arivalagan, P; Aravind, M; Parameswaran, B; Mukesk Kumar, A; Ashok, P; Raveendran, S
2021-06A Green Biorefinery Platform for Cost-effective Nanocellulose Production: Investigation of Hydrodynamic Properties and Biodegradability of Thin FilmsReshmy, R; Eapen, P; Sherely, PA; Aravind, M; Raveendran, S; Parameswaran, B; Ashok, P
2023-04-01Hormesis-tempting stressors driven by evolutionary factors for mitigating negative impacts instigated over extended exposure to chemical elementsXinwei, S; Anoopkumar, A N; Embalil Mathachan, A; Aravind, M; Parameswaran, B; Mohammed, K; Ashok, P; Raveendran, S; Mukesh Kumar, A
2023-04-15A hypothetical model of multi-layered cost-effective wastewater treatment plant integrating microbial fuel cell and nanofiltration technology: A comprehensive review on wastewater treatment and sustainable remediationAniket, N; Sherly, A; Soumitra, N; Dhrubjyoti, S; Anamika, M; Devika T, B; Parameswaran, B; Sunita, V; Aravind, M; Raveendran, S
2023-05Inferences on bioengineering perspectives and circular economy to tackle the emerging pollutantsEmbalil Mathachan, A; Anoopkumar, A N; Aravind, M; Raveendran, S; Parameswaran, B; Mohammed, K; Hector, A R; Ashok, P; Awasthi, M K; Pau Loke, S
2023-02-22Murraya koenigii extract blended nanocellulose-polyethylene glycol thin films for the sustainable synthesis of antibacterial food packagingAravind, M; Reshmy, R; Arun, K B; Eapen, P; Raveendran, S; Bipin G., N; Mukesh Kumar, A; Ashok, P; Parameswaran, B
2015-10-15Signal peptides from filamentous fungi efficiently mediate the secretion of recombinant proteins in Kluyveromyces lactisAravind, M; Rajeev K sugumaran