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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-16Acetylation of Isoniazid Is a Novel Mechanism of Isoniazid Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosisArun, K B; Madhavan, A; Abraham, B; Balaji, M; Sivakumar, K C; Nisha, P; Ajay Kumar, R
2016-04-01Anticancer Activity Studies of Cubebin Isolated From Piper Cubeba and its Synthetic DerivativesDhanya, S R; Farha, A K; Arya, R M; Arun, K B; Remani, P; Nisha, P; Sunil, V; Mangalam, S N
2015-03A Comparative Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antidiabetic Potential of Peel from Young and Matured PotatoArun, K B; Chandran, J; Dhanya, R; Krishna, P; Jayamurthy, P; Nisha, P
2021-12Customized Yeast Cell Factories for Biopharmaceuticals: From Cell Engineering to Process Scale UpMadhavan, A; Arun, K B; Sindhu, R; Krishnamoorthy, J; Reshmy, R; Sirohi, R; Pugazhendi, A; Awasthi, M K; Szakacs, G; Binod, P
2021-04Design of Novel Enzyme Biocatalysts for Industrial Bioprocess: Harnessing the Power of Protein Engineering, High Throughput Screening and Synthetic BiologyMadhavan, A; Arun, K B; Binod, P; Sirohi, R; Tarafdar, A; Reshmy, R; Awasthi, M K; Sindhu, R
2023-10-26Editorial: Emerging perspectives on probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotics for prevention and management of chronic diseaseArun, K B; Nisha, P; Finamore, A
2022-01Engineering Interventions in Industrial Filamentous Fungal Cell Factories for Biomass Valorization.Madhavan, A; Arun, K B; Sindhu, R; Jose, A A; Pugazhendhi, A; Binod, P; Sirohi, R; Reshmy, R; Awasthi, M K
2023-08Filamentous fungi for pharmaceutical compounds degradation in the environment: A sustainable approachArun, K B; Madhavan, A; Tarafdar, A; Sirohi, R; Anoopkumar, A N; Kuriakose, L L; Awasthi, M K; Binod, P; Varjani, S; Sindhu, R
2021-05Metabolic Circuits and Gene Regulators in Polyhydroxyalkanoate Producing Organisms: Intervention Strategies for Enhanced ProductionSindhu, R; Madhavan, A; Arun, K B; Pugazhendhi, A; Reshmy, R; Awasthi, MK; Sirohi, R; Tarafdar, A; Pandey, A; Binod, P
2023Microbial production of nutraceuticals: Metabolic engineering interventions in phenolic compounds, poly unsaturated fatty acids and carotenoids synthesisMadhavan, A; Arun, K B; Alex, D; Anoopkumar, A N; Emmanual, S; Chaturvedi, P; Varjani, S; Tiwari, A; Kumar, V; Reshmy, R; Awasthi, M K; Binod, P; Aneesh, E M; Sindhu, R
2017-09-12Morin Inhibits Proliferation of SW480 Colorectal Cancer Cells by Inducing Apoptosis Mediated by Reactive Oxygen Species Formation and Uncoupling of Warburg EffectThomas, S; Arun, K B; Syama, H P; Reshmitha, T R; Nisha, P
2023-02-22Murraya koenigii extract blended nanocellulose-polyethylene glycol thin films for the sustainable synthesis of antibacterial food packagingAravind, M; Reshmy, R; Arun, K B; Eapen, P; Raveendran, S; Bipin G., N; Mukesh Kumar, A; Ashok, P; Parameswaran, B
2018-01Musa Paradisiaca Inflorescence Induces Human Colon Cancer Cell Death by Modulating Cascades of Transcriptional EventsArun, K B; Madhavan, A; Reshmitha, T R; Thomas, S; Nisha, P
2021-10Nanobiocatalysts: Advancements and Applications in Enzyme TechnologyReshmy, R; Philip, E; Sirohi, R; Tarafdar, A; Arun, K B; Madhavan, A; Binod, P; Awasthi, M K; Varjani, S; Szakacs, G; Sindhu, R
2016-10-26Nutraceutical properties of cumin residue generated from Ayurvedic industries using cell line modelsArun, K B; Aswathi, U; Venugopal, V V; Madhavankutty, T S; Nisha, P
2015-10Plantain peel - a potential source of antioxidant dietary fibre for developing functional cookiesArun, K B; Persia, F; Aswathy, P S; Janu, C; Sajeev, M S; Jayamurthy, P; Nisha, P
2015-07-06Preconditioning L6 muscle cells with Naringin ameliorates oxidative stress and increases glucose uptakeDhanya, R; Arun, K B; Nisha, V M; Syama, H P; Nisha, P; Santhosh Kumar, T R; Jayamurthy, P
2021Probiotics and Gut Microbiome − Prospects and Challenges in Remediating Heavy Metal ToxicityArun, K B; Madhavan, A; Sindhu, R; Emmanual, S; Binod, P; Pugazhendhi, A; Sirohi, R; Reshmy, R; Awasthi, M K; Gnansounou, E; Pandey, A
2021Promising Eco-friendly Biomaterials for Future Biomedicine: Cleaner Production and Applications of NanocelluloseReshmy, R; Philip, E; Madhavan, A; Arun, K B; Binod, P; Pugazhendhi, A; Awasthi, M K; Gnansounou, E; Pandey, A; Sindhu, R
2014Rutin and quercetin enhance glucose uptake in L6 myotubes under oxidative stress induced by tertiary butyl hydrogen peroxideDhanya, R; Arun, K B; Syama, H P; Nisha, P; Sundaresan, A; Santhosh Kumar, T R; Jayamurthy, P