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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11Antibacterial and Antitubercular Evaluation of Dihydronaphthalenone-indole Hybrid AnalogsPraveen Kumar, V; Renjitha, J; Fathimath Salfeena, C T; Ashitha, K T; Keri, R S; Sunil Varughese; Sasidhar, B S
2018-01-05BF3·OEt2‑Mediated Tandem Annulation: A Strategy To Construct Functionalized Chromeno- and Pyrano-Fused PyridinesAshitha, K T; Praveen Kumar, V; Fathimath Salfeena, C T; Sasidhar, B S
2018-07Discovery of Natural Product Derived Labdane Appended Triazoles as Potent Pancreatic Lipase InhibitorsRenjitha, J; Shyni, G L; Praveen, V K; Salfeena, C T F; Ashitha, K T; Krishna Rao, VRD; Mangalam S, Nair; Raghu, K G; Sasidhar, B S
2018-06-19Functionalized Pyrimidines from Alkynes and Nitriles: Application towards the Synthesis of Marine Natural Product Meridianin AnalogsMohan, B; Salfeena, C T F; Ashitha, K T; Krishnan, G V; Abdul Rasheed, S J; Vargheese, A M; Patil, S A; Dileep Kumar, B; Sasidhar, B S
2020-02-04I-2/tbhp Mediated Diastereoselective Synthesis of SpiroaziridinesAshitha, K T; Vinaya, P P; Krishna, A; Vincent, D C; Jalaja, R; Varughese, S; Somappa, S B
2018-12Synthesis of Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Triarylpyrylium Ions Via An Inverse Electron Demand Diels–Alder ReactionFathimath Salfeena, C T; Basavaraja; Ashitha, K T; Praveen Kumar, V; Sunil Varughese; Suresh, C H; Sasidhar, B S
2022-07Transition Metal Free Transformations of á,β-unsaturated Ketones to Heterocycles of Medicinal RelevanceAshitha, K T