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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Design, Fabrication and Characterization of LTCC Micro-hotplates for Gas-sensing ApplicationKulhari, L; Chandran, A; Ray, K; Khanna, P K
2024Directional freezing-induced self-poled piezoelectric nylon 11 aerogels as high-performance mechanical energy harvestersGeorge, A; Varghese, H; Chandran, A; Surendran, K P; Bhoje Gowd, E
2022-07-01A High-Performance Flexible Triboelectric Nanogenerator Based on Cellulose Acetate Nanofibers and Micropatterned PDMS Films as Mechanical Energy Harvester and Self-Powered Vibrational Sensor.Varghese, H; Hakkeem, H M; Chauhan, K; Thouti, E; Pillai, S; Chandran, A
2023-07-01Highly Flexible Triboelectric Nanogenerator Based on PVDF Nanofibers for Biomechanical Energy Harvesting and Telerehabilitation via Human Body MovementVarghese, H; Athira, B S; Chandran, A
2021Massive Enhancement in Power Output of Bopet-paper Triboelectric Nanogenerator using 2d-hexagonal Boron Nitride NanosheetsBhavya, A S; Varghese, H; Chandran, A; Surendran, K P
2021Probing the Effect of Chiral Dopant Fluorination on Dielectric and Electro-optical Properties of the Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline MixtureAbhilash, T K; Varghese, H; Czerwinski, M; Czuprynski, K; Chandran, A
2023-06-01A resistive ink based all-printed fabric heater integrated wearable thermotherapy devicePramod, S P; Athira, B S; Varghese, H; Agarwal, S; Kumar, B; Alagirusamy, R; Das, A; Surendran, K P; Chandran, A
2021Resolving the Isolated Nature of Goldstone Mode in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals at Room TemperatureChandran, A; Choudhary, A; Gangwar, L K; Abhilash, T K; Athira, B S; Biradar, A M
2021-11-03Triboelectric Nanogenerator from Used Surgical Face Mask and Waste Mylar Materials Aiding the Circular EconomyVarghese, H; Chandran, A
2020-10Tunable Flexible Capacitive Pressure Sensors Using Arrangement of Polydimethylsiloxane Micro-Pyramids for Bio-Signal MonitoringThouti, E; Nagaraju, A; Chandran, A; Prakash, PVBSS; Shivanarayanamurthy, P; Lal, B; Kumar, P; Kothari, P; Panwar, D