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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Grain growth of microtubes during sintering in semiconducting Ba3Ce3 xBixTi5Nb5O30 (x 5 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0) CeramicsPrabhakar Rao, P; Ravindran Nair, K; Chandran, M R; Peter Koshy
2007New family of dielectric materials in ca-y-ti-nb-o system having pyrochlore type structureNair, K R; Prabhakar Rao, P; Anupama, V R; Joseph, S K; Chandran, M R; Peter Koshy
2012-05-15New insights on physico-chemical transformations of ZnO: From clustered multipods to single crystalline nanoplatesAnas, S; Mahesh, K V; Ambily, K J; Chandran, M R; Uma, K; Warrier, K G K; Ananthakumar, S
2008New powellite type oxides in Ca-R-Nb-Mo-O system (R=Y, La, Nd, Sm or Bi) - Their synthesis, structure and dielectric propertiesRaveendran Nair, K; Prabhakar Rao, P; Sameera, S; Vinitha Mohan, S; Chandran, M R; Peter Koshy
2021-12-30Novel Homo-epitaxial Approaches in Solvothermal Synthesis for Preparing Surface Tethered Uni-directionally Oriented Zinc Oxide Micro and Nano Structured ArraysShereef, A; Palantavidac, S; Chandran, M R; Mohan, K; Ananthakumar, S
2006Novel monazite type rare earth based phosphates ARP(3)O(10) (A=Ba or Ca; R=La, Ce or Sm) - Studies on their preparation, structure, microstructure and dielectric propertiesRavindran Nair, K; Prabhakar Rao, P; Amina, B; Chandran, M R; Peter Koshy
2009-01Novel Powellite-based Red-emitting Phosphors: CaLa1−xNbMoO8:xEu3+ for White Light Emitting DiodesMariyam Thomas; Prabhakar Rao, P; Deepa, M; Chandran, M R; Peter Koshy
2011Structural and electrical properties of nonstoichiometric semiconducting pyrochlores in Ca-Ce-Ti-Nb-O systemDeepa, M; Prabhakar Rao, P; Sumi, S; Radhakrishnan, A N; Chandran, M R; Peter Koshy
2011Structure and dielectric properties of a new series of pyrochlores in the Ca-Sm-Ti-M-O (M = Nb and Ta) systemSameera, S; Prabhakar Rao, P; Chandran, M R