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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Amending the anisotropy barrier and luminescence behavior of Heterometallic Trinuclear Linear [M-II-Ln(III)-M-II] (Ln(III)=Gd, Tb, Dy; M-II=Mg/Zn) complexes by change from divalent paramagnetic to diamagnetic metal ionsDas, S; Bejoymohandas, K S; Dey, A; Biswas, S; Reddy, M L P; Morales, R; Ruiz, E; Titos-Padilla, S; Colacio, E; Chandrasekhar, V
2021The Elevated Colour Rendering of White-LEDs by Microwave-Synthesized Red-Emitting (Li, Mg)3RbGe8O18:Mn4+ NanophosphorsAbraham, M; Kunti, AK; Thejas, KK; Mendez, NA; Gogneau, N; Nishanth, KG; Tchernycheva, M; Das, S
2020-09Host Sensitized Photoluminescence in Sr2.9-3x/2LnxAlO4F: 0.1Eu3+ (Ln = Gd, Y) for Innovative Flexible Lighting ApplicationsSreevalsa, S; Ranjith, P; Ahmad, S; Sahoo, SK; Som, S; Pandey, MK; Das, S
2020Influence of Gold Nanoparticles on the Nonlinear Optical and Photoluminescence Properties of Eu2O3 Doped Alkali Borate GlassesJagannath, G; Eraiah, B; Jayanthi, K; Keshri, SR; Som, S; Vinitha, G; Pramod, A G; Krishnakanth, KN; Devarajulu, G; Balaji, S; Rao, S; Venugopal, AK; Das, S; Allu, AR
2016-10-28Modulating FRET in Organic−Inorganic Nanohybrids for Light Harvesting ApplicationsGopi, A; Lingamoorthy, S; Soman, S; Yoosaf, K; Reethu, H; Das, S
2017-06-29Mononuclear Lanthanide Complexes: Energy-Barrier Enhancement by Ligand Substitution in Field-Induced DyIII SIMsBiswas, S; Bejoymohandas, K S; Das, S; Kalita, P; Reddy, M L P; Oyarzabal, I; Colacio, E; Chandrasekhar, V
2022-03-31N-Doped Fluorescent Carbon Nanosheets as a Label-Free Platform for Sensing Bisphenol DerivativesSaha, A; Das, S; Devi, P S
2021-11New Red Pigments Based on Li3AlMnO5 for NIR Reflective Cool CoatingsDivya, S; Das, S
2021-02-11Observation of predominant long-range ordering by overcoming the magnetic frustration in Cu-doped La2MnCoO6Haque, A; Das, S; Ghosh, D; Vasundhara, M; Gayen, A; Kundu, A K; Motin Seikh, M D
2021Realizing Cool and Warm White-leds Based on Color Controllable (Sr,ba)2al3o6f:eu2+ Phosphors Obtained via a Microwave-assisted Diffusion MethodRanjith, P; Sreevalsa, S; Patra, P; Som, S; Menon, A; Jayanthi, K; Annapurna, K; Anoop Krishnan, N M; Allu, A R; Das, S
2016-09-13Self-Assembly and Mechanochromic Luminescence Switching of Trifluoromethyl Substituted 1,3,4-Oxadiazole DerivativesOngungal, R M; Sivadas, A P; Saleesh Kumar, N S; Menon, S; Das, S
2021-10Synthesis and design of NaYF 4 microprisms via a microwave‐assisted approach for highly sensitive optical thermometry applicationsSom, S; Lu, C H; Yang, C Y; Das, S
2019-04-01Synthesis of Li+-ion activated NaYF4: Er3+/Yb3+ phosphors via a modified solid-state process for latent fingerprint detectionSudipta, S; Yang, C Y; Lu, C H; Das, S
2015-10Vesicle-to-Rod Transition of Polymer Aggregates upon IrradiationSajith menon; Rahul, M O; Das, S