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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jul-2017Anti-microbial Activity of Chrysomycin A Produced by Streptomyces Sp. Against Mycobacterium TuberculosisBalaji, M; Vipin, M D; Vinodh, J S; Jamsheena, V; Ranjit, R; Sabu Thomas; Dastager, S G; Santhosh Kumar, K; Ravi Shankar, L; Ajay Kumar, R
2010Antimicrobial activity of silver nanoparticles synthesized from novel streptomyces speciesShirley; Dayanand, A; Sreedhar, B; Dastager, S G
2010Characterization of plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium Exiguobacterium NII-0906 for its growth promotion of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata)Dastager, S G; Deepa, C K; Pandey, A
22-Aug-2017Domibacillus Mangrovi Sp. Nov. and Domibacillus Epiphyticus Sp. Nov., Isolated from Marine Habitats of the Central West Coast of IndiaAshish, V; Anup Kumar, O; Dastager, S G; Rameshkumar, N; Shanmugam, M; Srinivasan, K
2011Growth enhancement of black pepper (Piper nigrum) by a newly isolated Bacillus tequilensis NII-0943Dastager, S G; Deepa, C K; Pandey, A
17-May-2021Hydrophilic 3D interconnected network of bacterial nanocellulose/black titania photothermal foams as an efficient interfacial solar evaporatorNabeela, K; Thorat, M N; Backer, S N; Ramachandran, A M; Thomas, R T; Preethikumar, G; Mohamed, A P; Asok, A; Dastager, S G; Pillai, S
Oct-2017An Investigation into the Taxonomy of “Bacillus Aminovorans” and its Reclassification to the Genus Domibacillus as Domibacillus Aminovorans Sp. NovAshish, V; Anup Kumar, O; Pal, Y; Kumari, P; Schumann, P; Gruber-Vodicka, H; Dastager, S G; Ramesh Kumar, N; Mayilraj, S; Srinivasan, K
2009Isolation and characterization of high-strength phenol-degrading novel bacterium of the pantoea genusDastager, S G; Deepa, C K; Pandey, A
2010Isolation and characterization of novel plant growth promoting Micrococcus sp NII-0909 and its interaction with cowpeaDastager, S G; Deepa, C K; Pandey, A
2010Isolation and characterization of plant growth promoting bacteria from non-rhizospheric soil and their effect on cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) seedling growthDeepa, C K; Dastager, S G; Pandey, A
2009Isolation and characterization of plant growth-promoting strain pantoea NII-186. from western ghat forest soil, IndiaDastager, S G; Deepa, C K; Puneet, S C; Nautiyal, C S; Pandey, A
2010Nocardioides mesophilus sp. nov., isolated from soilDastager, S G; Lee, J - C; Pandey, A; Kim, C-J
2011Paracoccus niistensis sp nov., isolated from forest soil, IndiaDastager, S G; Deepa, C K; Li, Wen-Jun; Tang, Shu-Kun; Pandey, A
2011Plant growth promoting potential of Pontibacter niistensis in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.)Dastager, S G; Deepa, C K; Pandey, A
2010Plant growth-promoting activity in newly isolated Bacillus thioparus (NII-0902) from Western ghat forest, IndiaDeepa, C K; Dastager, S G; Pandey, A
2009Polyphasic taxonomy of novel actinobacteria showing macromolecule degradation potentials in Bigeum Island, KoreaDastager, S G; Pandey, A; Lee, J-C; Li, W-J; Kim, C-J
2010Pontibacter niistensis sp nov., isolated from forest soilDastager, S G; Raziuddin, Q S; Deepa, C K; Li, W J; Pandey, A
2011Potential plant growth-promoting activity of Serratia nematodiphila NII-0928 on black pepper (Piper nigrum L.)Dastager, S G; Deepa, C K; Pandey, A
2009Production and partial purification of alpha-amylase from a novel isolate streptomyces gulbargensisDastager, S G; Agasar, D; Pandey, A