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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-10Anisotropic Phase Formation Induced Enhancement of Resistive Switching in Bio–based Imidazolium Ionic Liquid CrystalsSasi, R; Jinesh, K B; Devaki, S J
2018-04-09Design and Development of Biogel Through Hierarchical Self-Organisation of Biomolecule for Sustainable Antibacterial ApplicationsRaveendran, R L; Devaki, S J
2017-01-05Gold Nanoparticle Patterned on PANI Nanowire Modified Transducer for the Simultaneous Determination of Neurotransmitters in Presence of Ascorbic Acid and Uric AcidSadanandhan, N K; Devaki, S J
2016-05-16High Performing Biobased Ionic Liquid Crystal Electrolytes for SupercapacitorsRenjith, Sasi; Sujatha, Sarojam; Devaki, S J
2016-11Lyotropic Supramolecular Polymer Systems with Anisotropic Functional PropertiesDevaki, S J; Sadanandhan, N K; Narayanan, R K
2022-07-25Modulating Electrochemical Performance of Interfacially Polymerized, MoS2 Decorated Polyaniline Composites for Electrochemical Capacitor ApplicationsKuttan, S S; Girija, N; Devaki, S J; Nair, B N; Jose, R; Rajaram, N; Mohamed, A P; Hareesh, U N S
2017-07-03Self-Assembled Polyaniline Nanowires Stippled Graphene-3-Pentadecylphenyl Phosphate Hybrid Nanocomposite Based Green Sustainable Electrodes for SupercapacitorsMolji, C; Aashish, A; Neethu, K S; Devaki, S J
2017-01-10Silver Patterned Supramolecular Liquid Crystalline Gels as Electrochemical Sensor of TyrosineNarayanan, R K; Sadanandhan, N K; Devaki, S J