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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Bioconversions of Ferulic Acid, an Hydroxycinnamic AcidSindhu Mathew; Emilia Abraham, T
2010Biodegradable biocompatible xyloglucan films for various applicationsSimi, C K; Emilia Abraham, T
2005Biosensor for the determination of phenols based on Cross-Linked Enzyme Crystals (CLEC) of laccaseJegan Roy, J; Emilia Abraham, T; Abhijith, K S; Sujith Kumar, P V; Thakur, M S
2005Biosoftening of arecanut fiber for value added productsAkhila Rajan; Jayalakshmi, G K; Emilia Abraham, T
2005Biosoftening of coir fiber using selected microorganismsAkhila Rajan; Resmi, C S; Pavithran, C; Emilia Abraham, T
2007Biosorption of anionic textile dyes by nonviable biomass of fungi and yeastKumud Kumari; Emilia Abraham, T
2007Cell suspension cultures of portulaca grandiflora as potent catalysts for biotransformation of L-tyrosine into L-dopa,an anti-parkinson’s drugNisha Rani; Beena Joy; Emilia Abraham, T
2005Chemical modification and immobilization of papainJegan Roy, J; Sumi, S; Sangeetha, K; Emilia Abraham, T
2006Chemical modification of papain for use in alkaline mediumSangeeta, K; Emilia Abraham, T
2007Coir fiber: Process and opportunities, Part 2Akhila Rajan; Emilia Abraham, T
2006Continuous biotransformation of pyrogallol to purpurogallin using cross-linked enzyme crystals of laccase as catalyst in a packed-bed reactorJegan Roy, J; Emilia Abraham, T
Dec-2004Development of cross-linked enzyme crystals as robust biocatalysts in inorganic mediaJegan Roy J; Emilia Abraham, T
15-Nov-2006Enzymatic Esterification of Starch using Recovered Coconut OilAkhila Rajan; Prasad, V S; Emilia Abraham, T
2006Enzymatic modification of cassava starch by bacterial lipaseAkhila Rajan; Emilia Abraham, T
2008Enzymatic modification of cassava starch by fungal lipaseAkhila Rajan; Sudha, J D; Emilia Abraham, T
2007Hydrophobic grafted and cross-linked starch nanoparticles for drug deliverySimi, C K; Emilia Abraham, T
2006In vitro antioxidant activity and scavenging effects of Cinnamomum verum leaf extract assayed by different methodologiesSindhu Mathew; Emilia Abraham, T
2008Investigation on the development of sturdy bioactive hydrogel beadsSangeetha, K; Emilia Abraham, T
Aug-2009Investigations on the preparation of composite polysaccharide films and micro/nanoparticles for novel applicationsSimi, C K; Emilia Abraham, T
2006Kinetic study of a purified anionic peroxidase isolated from Eupatorium odoratum and its novel application as time temperature indicator for food materialsNisha Rani, D; Emilia Abraham, T