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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2012Ag@SiO2 Core−Shell nanostructures: Distance-dependent plasmon coupling and SERS investigationShanthil, M; Reshmi Thomas; Swathi, R S; George Thomas, K
2012Anisotropic nanostructures and their applications in surface enhanced spectroscopyJatishkumar; George Thomas, K
19-Jul-2007An approach for optimizing the shell thickness of core-shell quantum dots using photoinduced charge transferVinayakan, R; Shanmugapriya, T; Pratheesh V Nair; Ramamurthy, P; George Thomas, K
2014Au nanorod quartets and Raman signal enhancement: towards the design of plasmonic platformsJatish Kumar; Reshmi Thomas; Swathi, R S; George Thomas, K
May-2009Cadmium selenide based core - shell quantum dots for biosensing and imaging applicationsVinayakan, R; George Thomas, K
1-Mar-2017Cost-Effective Plasmonic Platforms: Glass Capillaries Decorated with Ag@SiO2 Nanoparticles on Inner Walls as SERS SubstratesShanthil, M; Hemna, F; George Thomas, K
Dec-2003Design and studies of some chromophore functionalized metal nanoparticlesBinil Itty Ipe Kandappallil; George Thomas, K
2007Design and synthesis of squaraine based near infrared fluorescent probesBasheer, M C; Santhosh, U; Alex, S; George Thomas, K; Suresh, C H; Suresh Das
2010Directional hydrogen bonding controlled 2D self-organization of phenyleneethynylenes: from linear assembly to rectangular networkRamesh, A R; George Thomas, K
2008Excited-state and photoelectrochemical behavior of pyrene-linked phenyleneethynylene oligomerMatsunaga, Y; Takechi, K; Akasaka, T; Ramesh, A R; James, P V; George Thomas, K; Kamat, P V
2009Functional control on the 2D self-organization of phenyleneethynylenesYoosaf, K; Ramesh, A R; Jino George; Suresh, C H; George Thomas, K
2006Functionalized gold nanoparticles as phosphorescent nanomaterials and sensorsBinil Itty Ipe; Yoosaf, K; George Thomas, K
2011Gold nanoparticle-functionalized carbon nanotubes for light-induced electron transfer processPramod, P; Soumya, C C; George Thomas, K
2006Gold nanorods to nanochains: Mechanistic investigations on their longitudinal assembly using alpha,omega-alkanedithiols and interplasmon couplingShibu Joseph, S T; Binil Itty Ipe; Pramod, P; George Thomas, K
2010Hydrazine-induced room-temperature transformation of CdTe nanoparticles to nanowiresPratheesh, V N; George Thomas, K
2007In situ synthesis of metal nanoparticles and selective naked-eye detection of lead ions from aqueous mediaYoosaf, K; Binil Itty Ipe; Suresh, C H; George Thomas, K
2005Interfacial properties of hybrid nanomaterialsBinil Itty Ipe; Yoosaf, K; George Thomas, K
10-Jan-2012Optical effects near metal nanostructures: towards surface-enhanced spectroscopyReshmi Thomas; Jatish Kumar; Swathi, R S; George Thomas, K
Apr-2008Optical properties of nanoparticle decorated gold nanorods and carbon nanotubesPramod, P; George Thomas, K
2009Organic nanomaterials: Morphological control for charge stabilization and charge transportPramod, P; George Thomas, K; George, M V