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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011An aqueous sol-gel synthesis of chromium (III) doped mesoporous titanium dioxide for visible light photocatalysisJaimy, K B; Ghosh, S K; Sankar, S; Warrier, K G K
2011Calcination and associated structural modifications in boehmite and their influence on high temperature densification of aluminaPadmaja, P N; Ghosh, S K; Warrier, K G K
2009Controlled growth of nanoparticle clusters through competitive stabilizer desorptionStolarczyk, J K; Ghosh, S K; Brougham, D F
2012-11-25Determination of trace level carbonate ion in Mg–Al layered double hydroxide: Its significance on the anion exchange behaviourChakraborty, J; Sengupta, S; Dasgupta, S; Manjusha, C; Ghosh, S K; Mallik, S; Das, K L; Basu, D
2012-12Enhanced visible light activity of nano-titanium dioxide doped with multiple ions: Effect of crystal defectsJaimy, K B; Ghosh, S K; Warrier, K G K
2005A facile 1,2 proton migration of chalcone epoxide using acid activated palygorskitesBeena Joy; Ghosh, S K; Padmaja, P; Lalithambika, M
2012-03A facile synthetic strategy for Mg–Al layered double hydroxide material as nanocarrier for methotrexateChakraborty, M; Dasgupta, S; Sengupta, S; Chakraborty, J; Ghosh, S K; Ghosh, J; Mitra, M K; Mishra, A; Mandal, T K; Basu, D
2010Growth of monodisperse nanocrystals of cerium oxide during synthesis and annealingGhosh, S K; Divya, D; Remani, K C; Sreeremya, T S
2012-01Hydrophobic, photoactive Titania–alumina nanocrystallites and coatings by an aqueous sol–gel processSmitha, V S; Baiju, K V; Perumal, P; Ghosh, S K; Warrier, K G K
2006Magnetic-Fluorescent Nanocomposites for Biomedical MultitaskingCorr, S A; O' Byrne, A; Gun'ko, Y K; Ghosh, S K; Brougham, D F; Mitchell, S; Volkov, Y; Prina-Mello, A
2011Methotrexate intercalated ZnAl-layered double hydroxideChakraborty, M; Dasgupta, S; Soundrapandian, C; Chakraborty, J; Ghosh, S K; Mitra, M K; Basu, D
2010NMR studies into colloidal stability and magnetic order in fatty acid stabilised aqueous magnetic fluidsGhosh, S K; Carty, D; Clarke, S P; Corr, S A; Tekoriute, R; Gun'ko, Y K; Brougham, D F
2012-02A novel approach for enhanced visible light activity in doped nanosize titanium dioxide through the excitons trappingJaimy, K B; Baiju, K V; Ghosh, S K; Warrier, K G K
2012-01-11A novel aqueous route to fabricate ultrasmall monodisperse lipophilic cerium oxide nanoparticlesSreeremya, T S; Thulasi, K M; Asha Krishnan; Ghosh, S K
2013One-pot synthesis of ultra-small cerium oxide nanodots exhibiting multi-colored fluorescenceAsha Krishnan; Sreeremya, T S; Murray, E; Ghosh, S K
2012Photocatalytic activity enhancement in doped titanium dioxide by crystal defectsJaimy, K B; Safeena, V P; Ghosh, S K; Hebalkar, N Y; Warrier, K G K
2010Preparation and characterization of guar gum nanoparticlesSoumya, R S; Ghosh, S K; Emilia Abraham, T
2011Rhodamine 6G Intercalated montmorillonite nanopigments-polyethylene composites: Facile synthesis and ultravioletstability studySmitha, V S; Manjumol, K A; Ghosh, S K; Brahmakumar, M; Pavithran, C; Perumal, P; Warrier, K G K
2015Shape-selective oriented Cerium oxide nanocrystals permit assessment of the effect of the exposed facets on catalytic activity and oxygen storage capacitySreeremya, T S; Asha Krishnan; Remani, K C; Patil, K R; Brougham, D F; Ghosh, S K
2010Sol-gel route to synthesize titania-silica nano precursors for photoactive particulates and coatingsSmitha, V S; Manjumol, K A; Baiju, K V; Ghosh, S K; Perumal, P; Warrier, K G K