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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Colorimetric detection of copper ions in sub-micromolar concentrations using a triarylamine-linked resin beadThomas, T G; Sreenath, K; Gopidas, K R
2017-01-06Covalent Functionalization of Organic Nanoparticles Using Aryl Diazonium Chemistry and Their Solvent-Dependent Self-AssemblySreedevi, K; Gopidas, K R
2011Cu (II) mediated generation and spectroscopic study of the Tris(4-anisyl)amine radical cation and dication. Unusually shielded chemical shifts in the dicationSreenath, K; Thomas, T G; Gopidas, K R
2018-01A Detailed Evaluation of Charge Recombination Dynamics in Dye Solar Cells Based on Starburst Triphenylamine DyesVinayak, M V; Muhammed Yoosuf; Pradhan, S C; Lakshmykanth, T M; Suraj Soman; Gopidas, K R
2016-02Effect of Recombination and Binding Properties on the Performance of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Propeller Shaped Triphenylamine Dyes with Multiple Binding GroupsVinayak, M V; Lakshmykanth, T M; Muhammed, Yoosuf; Soman, S; Gopidas, K R
2015Generation of long-lived methylviologen radical cation in the triplet-state mediated electron transfer in a beta-cyclodextrin based supramolecular triadRakhi, A M; Gopidas, K R
2009Generation of triarylamine radical cations through reaction of Triarylamines with Cu(II) in acetonitrile : A kinetic investigation of the electron-transfer reactionSreenath, K; Suneesh, C V; Gopidas, K R; Flowers II, R A
2019-01-17Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Pyrene-Linked Cyclodextrin and Adamantane-Linked Naphthalene Diimide System: A Case of Inclusion-Binding-Assisted Charge-Transfer InteractionJeevan, A K; Gopidas, K R
2007Interaction of pyromellitic diimide derivatives with beta-cyclodextrin and anthracene-appended beta-cyclodextrin: Rim binding vs inclusion complexationBijitha, B; Deepthi, L S; Gopidas, K R
2005Intramolecular charge transfer processes in donor-acceptor substituted vinyltetrahydropyrenesSumalekshmy, S; Gopidas, K R
2010Long-lived photoinduced charge separation due to the inverted region effect in 1,6-Bis(phenylethynyl)pyrene-phenothiazine dyadSuneesh, C V; Gopidas, K R
2009Long-lived photoinduced charge separation in flexible 9,10-Bis(phenylethynyl)anthracene-phenothiazine dyadsSuneesh, C V; Gopidas, K R
2008Long-lived photoinduced charge separation in new Ru(bipyridine) (2+)(3)-phenothiazine dyadsAjayakumar, G; Gopidas, K R
2010-12Metal nano particle-cored dendrimers: Synthesis, characterization and their use as catalyst in selected organic transformationsRatheesh Kumar, V K; Gopidas, K R
2017-07-18Observation of Supramolecular Chirality in a Hierarchically Self-Assembled Mixed-Stack Charge-Transfer ComplexKrishnan, S B; Gopidas, K R
2014Organic nanoparticles composed of Frechet-type dendrons: Synthesis, characterization, self-assembly and reversible guest encapsulationSreedevi, K; Gopidas, K R
2011Palladium nanoparticle-cored G (1)-dendrimer stabilized by carbon-Pd bonds: synthesis, characterization and use as chemoselective, room temperature hydrogenation catalyst.Ratheesh Kumar, V K; Gopidas, K R
2014Palladium-nanoparticle-linked organic frameworks: Heterogeneous recyclable catalysts in aqueous mediumPrakash, S P; Gopidas, K R
2009Phenothiazine attached Ru(bpy)(3) (2)+ derivative as highly selective "turn-ON" luminescence chemodosimeter for Cu2+Ajayakumar, G; Sreenath, K; Gopidas, K R
2010Phenylethynylarene based Donor-Acceptor systems: Design, synthesis and photophysical studiesSuneesh, C V; Gopidas, K R