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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04-01Design and fabrication of surface capped palladium nanoclusters for the subnanomolar sensing of glutathioneAneesh, P K; Govind, C; Sindhu, R N
2019-02-21Excited State Electronic Interconversion and Structural Transformation of Engineered Red-Emitting Green Fluorescent Protein MutantAugustine, G; Raghavan, S; Ramudu, K N; Easwaramoorthi, S; Shanmugam, G; Murugaiyan, J S;  Gunasekaran, K; Govind, C; Karunakaran, V;  Ayyadurai, N
2023-09-08Molecular torsion controls the excited state relaxation pathways of multibranched tetraphenylpyrazines: effect of substitution of morpholine vs. phenoxazinePananilath, H F; Govind, C; Thadathilanickal, T D; Karunakaran, V
2021-01-14Planarity and Length of the Bridge Control Rate and Efficiency of Intramolecular Singlet Fission in Pentacene DimersPaul, S; Govind, C; Karunakaran, V
2019-06-21Solution Processable Deep-Red Phosphorescent Pt(II) Complex: Direct Conversion from Its Pt(IV) Species via a Base-Promoted ReductionAllison, I; Lim, H; Shukla, A; Ahmad, V; Hasan, M; Deshmukh, K; Wawrzinek, R; McGregor, S K M; Clegg, J K; Divya, V V; Govind, C; Suresh, C H; Karunakaran, V; Unni, K N N; Ajayaghosh, A; Namdas, E B; Lo, S C
2021-04Structural integration of carbazole and tetraphenylethylene: ultrafast excited-state relaxation dynamics and efficient electroluminescenceMcgregor, S K M; Govind, C; Wood, M K R; Shukla, A; Lim, H; Lepage, R; Krenske, E H; Unni, K N N; Ajayaghosh, A; Karunakaran, V; Namdas, E B; Lo, S C
2022-06-23Ultrafast Intermolecular Interaction Dynamics between NIR-Absorbing Unsymmetrical Squaraines and PCBM: Effects of Halogen SubstitutionSomashekharappa, G M; Paul, M; Govind, C; Mathew, R; Karunakaran, V
2017-04-13Ultrafast Relaxation Dynamics of Photoexcited Heme Model Compounds: Observation of Multiple Electronic Spin States and Vibrational CoolingGovind, C; Karunakaran, V