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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Au nanorod quartets and Raman signal enhancement: towards the design of plasmonic platformsJatish Kumar; Reshmi Thomas; Swathi, R S; George Thomas, K
2013Highest photocatalytic activity observed for nanocrystalline anatase-titania having lowest crystallinityManu Jose; Jatish Kumar; Shukla, S
2012-02Laser immunotherapy with gold nanorods causes selective killing of tumour cellsRejiya, C S; Jatish Kumar; Raji, V; Vibin, M; Annie Abraham
2012-01-10Optical effects near metal nanostructures: towards surface-enhanced spectroscopyReshmi Thomas; Jatish Kumar; Swathi, R S; George Thomas, K
2015Photocatalytic activity of Acid-Catalyst-modified Sol-Gel processed nanocrystalline Titania: On dual-role of active surface-sitesManu Jose; Harsha, N; Jatish Kumar; Shukla, S
2011Selective photothermal efficiency of citrate capped gold nanoparticles for destruction of cancer cellsRaji, V; Jatish Kumar; Rejiya, C S; Vibin, M; Shenoi, V N; Annie Abraham
2013Surface plasmon coupling in end-to-end linked gold nanorod dimers and trimersJatish Kumar; Wei, X Z; Barrow, S; Funston, A M; George Thomas, K; Mulvaney, P
2011Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: Investigations at the nanorod edges and dimer junctionsJatish Kumar; George Thomas, K
2012Synthesis, characterisation and biocompatibility of surface-functionalised gold nanoparticlesRaji, V; Jatish Kumar; Rejiya, C S; Vibin, M; Annie John; Annie Abraham
2009Tunable photophysical properties of phenyleneethynylene based bipyridine ligandsJames, P V; Yoosaf, K; Jatish Kumar; George Thomas, K; Listorti, A; Accorsi, G; Armaroli, N