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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12Advanced Glycation End-products (AGE) Trapping Agents: Design and Synthesis of Nature Inspired Indeno[2,1-c]PyridinonesAnaga, N; Basavaraja, D; Abraham, B; Nisha, P; Varughese, S; Jayamurthy, P; Sasidhar, B S
2009-10A Comparative Study on Antioxidant Activities of Different Varieties of Solanum MelongenaNisha, P; Abdul Nazar, P; Jayamurthy, P
2014Comparative study on the total phenolic content and radical scavenging activity of common edible vegetable oilsJanu, C; Soban Kumar, D R; Reshma, M V; Jayamurthy, P; Sundaresan, A; Nisha, P
2012Effect of enzyme assisted extraction on quality and yield of volatile oil from black pepper and cardamomJanu, Chandran; Padmakumari Amma, K P; Nirmala Menon, A; Jayamurthy, P; Nisha, P
2017-04-24Enhanced Antibacterial Metabolite Production Through the Application of Statistical Methodologies by a Streptomyces Nogalater NIIST A30 Isolated from Western Ghats Forest SoilJubi Jacob; Reshma, U R; Syama, H P; Jayamurthy, P; Dileep Kumar, B S
2013Evaluation of antioxidant potential of inflorescence and stalk of plantain (Musa Sapientum)Jayamurthy, P; Aparna, B; Gayathri, G; Nisha, P
2018-08-23Functionalizable 1H‐Indazoles by Palladium Catalyzed Aza‐Nenitzescu Reaction: Pharmacophores to Donor‐Acceptor Type Multi‐Luminescent FluorophoresJanardhanan, J C; Mishra, R K; Das, G; Sini, S; Jayamurthy, P; Suresh, C H; Praveen, V K; Narayanapillai, M; Babu, B P
2012Heteroaromatic donors in donor–acceptor–donor based fluorophores facilitate zinc ion sensing and cell imagingSreejith, S; Divya, K P; Jayamurthy, P; Jomon Mathew; Anupama, V N; Divya, S P; Anees, P; Ajayaghosh, A
2021Hexamethine Hemicyanine Dye as a Thermo-optical Probe for Serum AlbuminUdayan, S; Elizebath, D; Sherin, D R; Praveen, V K; Sunny, S; Jayamurthy, P; Manojkumar, T K; Nampoori, V P N; Thomas, S
2020-06In Vitro Evaluation of Antidiabetic Potential of Hesperidin and its Aglycone Hesperetin Under Oxidative Stress in Skeletal Muscle Cell LineDhanya, R; Jayamurthy, P
2012Inhibitory effect of Terminalia chebula Retz. fruit extracts on digestive enzyme related to diabetes and oxidative stressIndu Sasidharan; Sundaresan, A; Nisha, V M; Mahesh, S K; Raghu, K G; Jayamurthy, P
2011Modulation of hypoxia-induced pulmonary vascular leakage in rats by Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.)Jayamurthy, P; Geetha, S; Shukla, D; Himani Jayamurthy; Kasiganesan, H; Kumar, R; Sawhney, R C
2018-01-24New 1,2-Dihydropyridine-Based Fluorophores and Their Applications as Fluorescent ProbesJamsheena, V; Mishra, R K; Veena, K S; Sini, S; Jayamurthy, P; Lankalapalli, R S
2015-10Plantain peel - a potential source of antioxidant dietary fibre for developing functional cookiesArun, K B; Persia, F; Aswathy, P S; Janu, C; Sajeev, M S; Jayamurthy, P; Nisha, P
2015-07-06Preconditioning L6 muscle cells with Naringin ameliorates oxidative stress and increases glucose uptakeDhanya, R; Arun, K B; Nisha, V M; Syama, H P; Nisha, P; Santhosh Kumar, T R; Jayamurthy, P
2021-03-04Promalabaricone B from Myristica Fatua Houtt. Seeds Demonstrate Antidiabetic Potential by Modulating Glucose Uptake via the Upregulation of AMPK in L6 MyotubesPrabha, B; Sini, S; Sherin, D R; Neethu, S; Rameshkumar, K B; Manojkuma, T K; Jayamurthy, P; Radhakrishnan, K V
2017-06Quantification of Phenolics in Syzygium Cumini Seed and their Modulatory Role on Tertiary Butyl-Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Oxidative Stress in H9c2 Cell Lines and Key Enzymes in CardioprotectionSyama, H P; Arya, A D; Dhanya, R; Nisha, P; Sundaresan, A; Jacob, E; Jayamurthy, P
2017-06-08Quercetin, a Lead Compound against Type 2 Diabetes Ameliorates Glucose Uptake via AMPK Pathway in Skeletal Muscle Cell LineDhanya, R; Arya, A D; Nisha, P; Jayamurthy, P
2014Rutin and quercetin enhance glucose uptake in L6 myotubes under oxidative stress induced by tertiary butyl hydrogen peroxideDhanya, R; Arun, K B; Syama, H P; Nisha, P; Sundaresan, A; Santhosh Kumar, T R; Jayamurthy, P
2017-02Studies on Activity Guided Fractionation of Pomegranate Peel Extracts and Its Effect on Antidiabetic and Cardiovascular Protection PropertiesArun, K B; Jayamurthy, P; Anusha, C V; Mahesh, S K; Nisha, P