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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Crystal structure and microwave dielectric properties of LaLuO3 ceramicsJobin Varghese; Tony Joseph; Sebastian, M T; Reeves-McLaren, N; Feteira, A
2015-06-14Dielectric, thermal and mechanical properties of zirconium silicate reinforced high density polyethylene composites for antenna applicationsJobin Varghese; Nair, D R; Mohanan, P; Sebastian, M T
2013Effect of glass fillers in Cu2ZnNb2O8 ceramics for advanced microwave applications.Jobin Varghese; Sumesh Gopinath; Sebastian, M T
2015-12-21A facile formulation and excellent electromagnetic absorption of room temperature curable polyaniline nanofiber based inksNina Joseph; Jobin Varghese; Sebastian, Mailadil Thomas
2017-08-15Graphite Reinforced Polyvinylidene Fluoride Composites an Efficient and Sustainable Solution for Electromagnetic PollutionNina Joseph; Jobin Varghese; Sebastian, M T
2015Hafnium silicate: A new microwave dielectric ceramic with low thermal expansivityJobin Varghese; Tony Joseph; Surendran, K P; Rajan, T P D; Sebastian, M T
2017-04In Situ Polymerized Polyaniline Nanofiber-Based Functional Cotton and Nylon Fabrics as Millimeter-Wave AbsorbersNina Joseph; Jobin Varghese; Sebastian, M T
2014Microwave dielectric and thermal properties of mixed rare earth ortho phosphate [REmixPO4]Bahuleyan, A; Jobin Varghese; Surendran, K P; Sebastian, M T
2013Nanofillers in ZnO based materials: a ‘smart’ technique for developing miniaturized high energy field varistorsAnas, S; Mahesh, K V; Jobin Varghese; Prasanth, S; Ananthakumar, S
2014Room temperature curable silica inkJobin Varghese; Surendran, K P; Sebastian, M T
2015Room temperature curable zirconium silicate dielectric ink for electronic applicationsJobin Varghese; Teirikangas, M; Puustinen, J; Jantunena, H; Sebastian, M T
2015Self assembled polyaniline nanofibers with enhanced electromagnetic shielding propertiesNina Joseph; Jobin Varghese; Sebastian, M T