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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11Amino Acid-Porphyrin Conjugates: Synthesis and Study of their Photophysical and Metal Ion Recognition PropertiesPaul, A K; Suneesh, C K; Joseph, J; Ramaiah, D
2022-04-01Antigen-Antibody Interaction based GaN HEMT Biosensor for C3G DetectionKachhawa, P; Mishra, S; Jain, A K; Tripura, C; Joseph, J; Radha, V; Chaturvedi, N
2023-07-25Biocompatible Aza-BODIPY-Biotin Conjugates for Photodynamic Therapy of CancerDutta, D; Nair, R R; Mangalath, S; Nair, S A; Joseph, J; Gogoi, P; Ramaiah, D
2021Chemical-free and scalable process for the fabrication of a uniform array of liquid-gated CNTFET, evaluated by KCl electrolyteAgarwal, P B; Thakur, N K; Sharma, R; Singh, P; Joseph, J; Tripura, C
2021-07-22DNA Condensation Triggered by the Synergistic Self-Assembly of Tetraphenylethylene-Viologen Aggregates and CT-DNASaraswathi, SK; Karunakaran, V; Maiti, KK; Joseph, J
2021-07-22DNA Condensation Triggered by the Synergistic Self-Assembly of Tetraphenylethylene-Viologen Aggregates and CT-DNASajena, K S; Karunakaran, V; Maiti, K K; Joseph, J
2023-06-09Effect of Hyper-Cross-Linking on the Electrochromic Device Properties of Cross-Linkable Carbazole–Diphenylamine DerivativesBalakrishnan, S; Venugopal, R; Harikumar, A; Deb, B; Joseph, J
2021-04-23Graphene quantum dots decorated with boron dipyrromethene dye derivatives for photodynamic therapyMangalath, S; Babu, P S S; Nair, R R; Manu, P M; Krishna, S; Nair, S A; Joseph, J
2019-09-09Nanosheets and 2d-nanonetworks by Mutually Assisted Self-assembly of Fullerene Clusters and DNA Three-way JunctionsVittala, S K; Saraswathi, S K; Ramesan, A B; Joseph, J
2019-06-27Novel Aza-BODIPY Based Turn on Selective and Sensitive Probe for On-site Visual Detection of Bivalent Copper IonsGawale, Y; Mangalath, S; Adarsh, N; Joseph, J; Ramaiah, D; Sekar, N
2013Pentafulvene-derived η3-allyltitanocenes as intermediates for the stereoselective functionalization of 5-membered carbocycles.Joseph, J; Jaroschik, F; Radhakrishnan, K V; Vasse, Jean-Luc; Szymoniak, J
2016Real time Monitoring of Aminothiol Level in Blood Using a Near-Infrared Dye Assisted Deep Tissue Fluorescence and Photoacoustic Bimodal ImagingAnees, P; Joseph, J; Sreejith, S; Menon, N V; Kang, Y; Wing-Kwong Yu, S; Ajayaghosh, Ayyappanpillai; Zhao, Y
2022-02-15Thymine-Induced Dynamic Switching of Self-Assembled Nanofibers in Diaminotriazine-Functionalized Tetraphenylethylene Derivatives: Implications for One-Dimensional Molecular Devices.Saraswathi, S K; Joseph, J
2016-11-01Tuning of Photoluminescence Properties of Functional Phthalides for OLED ApplicationsShanmugasundaram, M; Joseph, J; Ramaiah, D