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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-02-21CSIR-NIIST offers to support for greywater treatment and reuseThe Hindu; The New Indian Express; Kalakaumudi; Janayugom
2024-03-10CSIR-NIIST Partners with Aquagri Processing for Innovative Biodegradable SolutionsJanayugom; Kalakaumudi; Kerala Kaumudi; Mangalam Daily; Mathrubhumi; Metro Vaartha; Suprabhatham; The Hindu
2024-03CSIR-NIIST, VSSC tie-up to scale up research on materials for space programmeDeepika; Deshabhimani; Janayugom; Janmabhumi; Kalakaumudi; Keralakaumudi; Madhyamam; Mangalam Daily; Mathrubhumi; Metro Vaartha; New Indian Express; Newage; Siraj; Suprabhatham; The Hindu; The Times of India
2024-03New tech for sustainable management of medical wasteDeepika; Deshabhimani; Janayugom; Kalakaumudi; Madhyamam; Malayala Manorama; Mathrubhumi; Metro Vaartha; New Age; New Indian Express; Suprabhatham; The Business Line; The Hindu; The Times of India
2024-02-07NIIST's enzyme to aid bio-fuel industryDeshabhimani; Janayugom; Kalakaumudi; Kerala Kaumudi; Metro Vaartha; Siraj; The Hindu; Times of India
2024-02-28'Nowa' technology for biological wastewater treatmentJanmabhumi; Kalakaumudi; Kalabhooshanam; Madhyamam; Mangalam; Metro Vaartha; Siraj; The Hindu; Veekshanam
2023-03-01One Week One Lab programmae at NIIST from 13th to 18th MarchKalakaumudi
2023-03-15Productization will strengthen the startup ecosystemKalakaumudi
2023-02-27Seminar on Ayurveda at CSIR-NIIST as part of the One Week One Lab programmeKalakaumudi
2023-03-17Seminars organized in CSIR-NIIST as part of OWOLKalakaumudi