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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-01Advanced Process Analytical Tools for Identification of Adulterants in Edible oils–A reviewRifna, E J; Pandiselvam, R; Kothakota, A; Rao, K S; Dwivedi, M; Kumar, M; Thirumdas, R; Ramesh, S V
2020-08-08Application of Infrared Spectroscopy Techniques for the Assessment of Quality and Safety in Spices: a ReviewKaavya, R; Pandiselvam, R; Mohammed, M; Dakshayani, R; Kothakota, A; Ramesh, SV; Cozzolino, D; Ashokkumar, C
2023-06Applications of Ultrasonication on Food Enzyme Inactivation- Recent Review Report (2017–2022)Rathnakumar, K; Kalaivendan, R G T; Eazhumalai, G; Charles, A P R; Verma, P; Rustagi, S; Bharti, S; Kothakota, A; Siddiqui, S A; Lorenzo, J M; Pandiselvam, R
2022-03-01Aqueous Ozone: Chemistry, Physiochemical properties, Microbial Inactivation, Factors Influencing Antimicrobial Effectiveness, and Application in Food.Premjit, Y; Sruthi, N U; Pandiselvam, R; Kothakota, A
2022-06Artocarpus Heterophyllus Lam (Jackfruit) Processing Equipment: Research Insights and PerspectivesNelluri, P; Venkatesh, T; Kothakota, A; Pandiselvam, R
2023-05Chemical, Functional, Rheological and Structural Properties of Broken Rice–barnyard Millet–green Gram Grits Blend for the Production of ExtrudatesNisha, R; Nickhil, C; Pandiarajan, T; Pandiselvam, R; Jithender, B; Kothakota, A
2023-12Citrus fruit: Classification, Value Addition, Nutritional and Medicinal Values, and Relation with Pandemic and Hidden HungerRicha, R; Kohli, D; Vishwakarma, D; Mishra, A; Kabdal, B; Kothakota, A; Richa, S; Sirohi, R; Kumar, R; Naik, B
2022-01A Comparison of the Refrigerated Adsorption Drying of Daucus Carota with Fluidized Bed DryingLal, A M N; Krishnamurthy, S; Girinandagopal, M S; Kothakota, A; Kumar, R; Venugopalan, V V; Ishwarya, S P; Venkatesh, T
2022-05-19Contemporary Developments and Emerging Trends in the Application of Spectroscopy Techniques: A Particular Reference to Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.)Pandiselvam, R; Kaavya, R; Martinez Monteagudo, S I; Divya, V; Jain, S; Khanashyam, A C; Kothakota, A; Prasath, V A; Ramesh, S V; Sruthi, N U; Kumar, M
2023-01-05Current production strategies and sustainable approaches towards the resurgence of non-centrifugal cane sugar production – a reviewVenkatesh, T; Nandhu Lal, A M; Silpa, V; Dharmalingam, B; Padma Ishwarya, S; Reshma, M V; Sajeev, M S; Pandiselvam, R; Kothakota, A
2023Current Production Strategies and Sustainable Approaches Towards the Resurgence of Non-centrifugal Cane Sugar Production – a reviewVenkatesh, T; Nandhu Lal, A M; Silpa, V; Balakrishnan, D; Padma, I S; Reshma, M V; Sajeev, M S; Pandiselvam, R; Kothakota, A
2022-06Design and Development of Food Processing Equipment (Editorial)Pandiselvam, R; Kothakota, A
2022-06Design and Development of Resistance Heating Apparatus-Cum-Solar Drying System for Enhancing Fish Drying RateRicha, R; Shahi, N C; Lohani, U C; Kothakota, A
2023-04Design Consideration and Optimization of Process Parameters in Fiber Extraction Unit via Modelling StudiesVishnu, V; Harikrishnan, M P; Warrier, A S; Mahanti, N K; Basil, M; Venkatesh, T; Pandiselvam, R; Kothakota, A
2024-04Development and characterization of gelatinized starch doped microcellulose paper from tender coconut (Cocos nucifera L) huskPandiselvam, R; Harikrishnan, M P; Khanashyam, A C; Basil, M; Anirudh, M; Manikantan, M R; Kothakota, A
2022-10Development and Performance Evaluation of Thresher for Onion UmbelsPandiselvam, R; Kailappan, R; Imran, S; Kothakota, A; Sruthi, N U
2022-01-02Editorial: Recent Applications of Ozone in Agri-Food IndustryPandiselvam, R; Kothakota, A
2022-09Effect of Aeration Techniques on Flow Properties of Spray-Dried Sugar Powders - Process Optimization StudiesVenkatesh, T; Silpa, V; Lal, A M N; Ismail, O U M; Kothakota, A
2023-04Emerging nondestructive techniques to quantify the textural properties of food: A state‐of‐art reviewMishra, G; Sahni, P; Pandiselvam, R; Panda, B K; Bhati, D; Mahanti, N K; Kothakota, A; Kumar, M; Cozzolino, D
2020-04-02Engineering Properties of Five Varieties of Coconuts (Cocos nucifera L.) for Efficient Husk SeparationPandiselvam, R; Manikantan, MR; Kothakota, A; Rajesh, GK; Beegum, S; Ramesh, SV; Niral, V; Hebbar, KB