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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Analogues of the Quararibea metabolite chiral enolic-gamma-lactone from (2S,3S)- and (2S,3R)-tetrahydro-3-hydroxy-5-oxo-2,3-furandicarboxylic acidsChithra Gopinath; Salini Thomas; Mangalam S Nair; Ibnusaud, I
2013Antioxidant capacity and radioprotective properties of the flavonoids galangin and kaempferide isolated from Alpinia galanga L. (Zingiberaceae) against radiation induced cellular DNA damageDivakaran, S A; Hema, P S; Mangalam S Nair; Nair, C K K
2013Apoptosis mediated cytotoxicity induced by isodeoxyelephantopin on nasopharyngeal carcinoma cellsFarha, K; Geetha, B S; Mangalam S Nair; Dhanya, S R; Latha, P G; Remani, P
2011Bharangin, a Diterpenoid Quinonemethide, abolishes constitutive and inducible nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kappa B) activation by modifying p65 on Cysteine 38 residue and reducing inhibitor of nuclear factor-kappa B alpha Kinase activation, leading to suppression of NF-kappa B-regulated gene expression and sensitization of tumor cells to chemotherapeutic agentsGupta, S C; Kannappan, R; Kim, J; Rahman, G M; Francis, S K; Reshma, R; Mangalam S Nair; Das, J; Aggarwal, B B
2014Chemical constituents from Myristica fragrans fruitSajin Francis, K; Suresh, E; Mangalam S Nair
2010Chemical constituents of Curcuma malabaricaAlan Sheeja, D B; Mangalam S Nair
2008Coronarin D, a labdane diterpene, inhibits both constitutive and inducible nuclear factor-kappa B pathway activation, leading to potentiation of apoptosis, inhibition of invasion, and suppression of osteoclastogenesisAjaikumar, B K; Ichikawa, H; Preetha Anand; Mohankumar, C J; Hema, P S; Mangalam S Nair; Aggarwal, B B
2010Crotepoxide chemosensitizes tumor cells through inhibition of expression of proliferation, invasion, and angiogenic proteins linked to proinflammatory pathwayPrasad, S; Yadav, V R; Chitra, S; Reuter, S; Hema, P S; Mangalam S Nair; Chaturvedi, M M; Aggarwal, B B
2012-02Decipic acid and 12-acetyl apetalic acid from Calophyllum decipiens. WightAjithabai, M D; Rameshkumar, B; Jayakumar, G; Luxmi Varma, R; Mangalam S Nair; Ajaikumar; Gayathri P Nair
2014Deoxyelephantopin impairs growth of cervical carcinoma SiHa cells and induces apoptosis by targeting multiple molecular signaling pathwaysFarha, A K; Dhanya, S R; Mangalam S Nair; Geetha, B S; Latha, P G; Remani, P
2011Ethyl p-methoxycinnamate isolated from a traditional anti-tuberculosis medicinal herb inhibits drug resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitroDivya, L; Werngren, J; Jose, L; Suja, K P; Mangalam S Nair; Luxmi Varma, R; Sathish, M; Hoffner, S; Kumar, R A
2014Facile isolation of (E)-labda-8(17),12-diene-15,16-dial from Curcuma amada and its conversion to other biologically active compoundsAlan Sheeja, D B; Mangalam S Nair
2009Flavonoids and other constituents from the rhizomes of Alpinia calcarataHema, P S; Mangalam S Nair
2006Formation of novel polycyclic cage compounds through 'uncaging' of readily accessible higher cage compoundsBeena James; Rath, N P; Suresh, E; Mangalam S Nair
2007Friedel-Crafts alkylation of a cage enone: synthesis of aralkyl substituted tetracyclo[[2,6]).0([4,8])]undeca-9,11-diones and the formation of fascinating novel cage compounds with pyrrole and thiophene using montmorillonite K-10Beena James; Suresh, E; Mangalam S Nair
2006Hetero-Diels-Alder Reaction of 3-Bromo-7-(bromomethyl) tetracyclo[,6.04,8] undec-10(- 12)-ene-9,11-dione with Pentafulvenes: Facile Synthesis of Novel Polycyclic Cage Compounds Having a Pyran RingBeena James; Suresh, E; Mangalam S Nair
2014Isodeoxyelephantopin from Elephantopus scaber (Didancao) induces cell cycle arrest and caspase-3-mediated apoptosis in breast carcinoma T47D cells and lung carcinoma A549 cellsKabeer, F A; Sreedevi, G B; Mangalam S Nair; Rajalekshmi, D S; Gopalakrishnan, L P; Remani, P
2006Isodeoxyelephantopin, a novel sesquiterpene lactone, potentiates apoptosis, inhibits invasion, and abolishes osteoclastogenesis through suppression of nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kappa B) activation and NF-kappa B-regulated gene expressionIchikawa, H; Mangalam S Nair; Takada, Y; Alan Sheeja, D B; Suresh Kumar, M A; Oommen, O V; Aggarwal, B B
2009-06Isolation and characterization of novel biologically active moleculesHema, P S; Mangalam S Nair
2014Isolation and identification of alpha-glucosidase and protein glycation inhibitors from stereospermum colaisPriya Rani, M; Raghu, K G; Mangalam S Nair; Padmakumari, K P