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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Anaerobic protozoa and their growth in biomethanation systemsPriya, M; Ajit Haridas; Manilal, V B
2011Banana pseudostem characterization and its fiber property evaluation on physical and bioextractionJayaprabha, J S; Brahmakumar, M; Manilal, V B
2005The buoyant filter bioreactor: A high-rate anaerobic reactor for complex wastewater - process dynamics with dairy effluentAjit Haridas; Suresh, S; Chitra, K R; Manilal, V B
2010Characterization of surface-treated coir fiber obtained from environmental friendly bioextractionManilal, V B; Ajayan, M S; Sreelekshmi, S V
2008Dynamics of sustainable grazing fauna and effect on performance of gas biofilterKrishnakumar, B; Anupama, V N; Manilal, V B; Ajit Haridas
Dec-2007Involvement of protozoa in anaerobic wastewater treatment processPriya, M; Ajit Haridas; Manilal, V B
2009Involvement of protozoa in anaerobic wastewater treatment systemsPriya, M; Manilal, V B
Feb-2007Isolation and culturing of a most common anaerobic ciliate, Metopus sp.Nimi, N; Priya, M; Ajit Haridas; Manilal, V B
Oct-2016Novel Eco-Friendly Commingled Polypropylene/Banana Fiber Composite: Studies on Thermal and Mechanical PropertiesAnil, A; Tomlal, J E; George, G; Mathew, J T; Manilal, V B
2011Role of metopus es in the anaerobic degradation of organic matter and biomethanation processNimi Narayanan; Manilal, V B
Aug-1998Studies on microbial consortia degrading phenol in aqueous phaseAmbujom, S; Manilal, V B
Feb-1987Treatment of organic effluent and the production of single - cell proteinManilal, V B; Balagopalan, C; Narayanan, C S
2005Treatment of sulphide containing wastewater with sulphur recovery in a novel reverse fluidized loop reactor (RFLR)Krishnakumar, B; Majumdar, S; Manilal, V B; Ajit Haridas