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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Co-existence of magnetocaloric effect and magnetoresistance in Co substituted La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 at room temperatureReshmi, C P; Savitha Pillai, S; Vasundhara, M; Raji, G R; Suresh, K G; Manoj Raama Varma
2017-10-01A Comparative Study on the Effects of n C, n SiC and BRH on the Structural and Superconducting Properties of MgB2 PIT WiresRahul, S; Devadas, K M; Syju Thomas; Neson Varghese; Paulose, A P; Manoj Raama Varma; Syamaprasad, U
2018-02-06Competing Magnetic and Spin-Gapless Semiconducting Behavior in Fully Compensated Ferrimagnetic CrVTiAl: Theory and ExperimentVenkateswara, Y; Gupta, S; Samatham, S S; Manoj Raama Varma; Enamullah; Suresh, K G; Alam, A
2012-01Critical behavior and magnetocaloric effect in La0.67Ca0.33Mn1 xCrxO3 (x ¼ 0.1, 0.25)Nisha, P; Savitha Pillai, S; Manoj Raama Varma; Suresh, K G
2012-09-14Critical behaviour and magnetocaloric effect of nano crystalline La0.67Ca0.33Mn1 xFexO3 (x ¼ 0.05, 0.2) synthesized by nebulized spray pyrolysisNisha, P; Savitha Pillai, S; Darbandi, A; Manoj Raama Varma; Suresh, K G; Hahn, H
2007Effect of dopants on microwave dielectric properties of Ba(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O-3 ceramicsManoj Raama Varma; Sebastian, M T
2007-04Effect of Dopants on the Low Temperature Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ba(Zn1/3Ta2/3)O3 CeramicsManoj Raama Varma; Kataria, N D
2008Effect of Nb2O5 Substitution on the dielectric characteristics of DyTiTaO6 microwave ceramicsJoseph, J T; Kumar, H P; Manoj Raama Varma; Thomas, J K; Sam Solomon
2014Facile bioanchoring strategy for the preparation of hierarchical multiple structured ZnO crystals and its application as a photoanode in dye sensitized solar cellsRamakrishnan, R; Aravind, A; Sudha, J D; Manoj Raama Varma; Kiran Mohan
2016-04-19Facile strategy for the fabrication of efficient nonvolatile bistable memory devices based on polyvinylcarbazole– zinc oxideRajaraman, Ramakrishnan; Jinesh, K B; Sudha, J Devaki; Manoj Raama Varma
2009Finite size effect on the sinterability and dielectric properties of ZnNb2O6-ZBS glass compositesSanoj, M A; Reshmi, C P; Manoj Raama Varma
2013Influence of cobalt on the structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3Nisha, P; Savitha Pillai, S; Manoj Raama Varma; Suresh, K G
2012-01Influence of dy addition on the magnetocaloric effect of La0.67Ca0.33Mn0.9V0.1O3 ceramicsNisha, P; Savitha Pillai, S; Suresh, K G; Manoj Raama Varma
2007Influence of zinc oxide addition on LnTiTaO6 (Ln = Pr, Sm and Dy) materials for dielectric resonatorsPadma Kumar, H; Joseph, J T; Thomas, J K; Manoj Raama Varma; Annamma, J; Sam Solomon
2012-06Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of Gd3 xTbxGa5O12 (x¼0, 1,2,3) garnetsReshmi, C P; Savitha Pillai, S; Suresh, K G; Manoj Raama Varma
2010Magnetic dye-adsorbent catalyst::Processing, characterization, and applicationLajina, T; Anas, S; Shukla, S; Reshmi, C P; Manoj Raama Varma; Suresh, K G; Patil, K; Warrier, K G K
2015Magnetocaloric properties, exchange bias, and critical behavior of Ge substituted Ni50Mn36Sn14 Heusler alloysRaji, G R; Bhagya Uthaman; Senoy Thomas; Suresh, K G; Manoj Raama Varma
2015-03-14Magnetocaloric Properties, Exchange Bias, and Critical Behavior of Ge Substituted Ni50Mn36Sn14 Heusler AlloysRaji, G R; Bhagya Uthaman; Thomas Senoy; Suresh, K G; Manoj Raama Varma
2017-08Multiple Magnetic Transitions, Griffiths-Like Phase, and Magnetoresistance in La2CrMnO6Jasnamol, P P; Sankar, C R; Manoj Raama Varma
2016-01-29Nanostructured Semiconducting PEDOT−TiO2/ZnO Hybrid Composites for Nanodevice ApplicationsRajaraman, Ramakrishnan; Sudha, J D; Aashish, A; Senoy Thomas; Manoj Raama Varma; Najiya, K P P