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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jan-2019Biogenic Cluster-Encased Gold Nanorods as a Targeted Three-in-One Theranostic Nanoenvelope for SERS-Guided Photochemotherapy against Metastatic MelanomaSujai, P T; Joseph, M M; Karunakaran, V; Saranya, G; Adukkadan, R N; Shamjith, S; Thomas, R; Nair, J B; Swathi, R S; Maiti, K K
19-Jun-2018Calix[4]arene Based Redox Sensitive Molecular Probe for SERS Guided Recognition of Labile Iron Pool in Tumor CellsSreedevi, P; Nair, J B; Preethanuj, P; Jeeja, B S; Suresh, C H; Maiti, K K; Luxmi Varma, R
24-Oct-2018Enzyme-Driven Switchable Fluorescence-SERS Diagnostic Nanococktail for the Multiplex Detection of Lung Cancer BiomarkersSaranya, G; Joseph, M M; Karunakaran, V; Nair, J B; Saritha, V N; Veena, V S; Sujathan, K; Ajayaghosh, A; Maiti, K K
23-May-2017Exploration of Biogenic Nano-chemobiotics Fabricated by Silver Nanoparticle and Galactoxyloglucan with an Efficient Biodistribution in Solid Tumor Investigated by SERS FingerprintingJoseph, M M; Nair, J B; Adukkadan, R N; Neethu, H; Pillai, R K; Nair, A J; Maiti, K K; Sreelekha, T T
15-Nov-2017Plasmonically Enhanced Galactoxyloglucan Endowed Gold Nanoparticles Exposed Tumor Targeting Biodistribution Envisaged in a Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering PlatformJoseph, M M; Nair, J B; Maiti, K K; Sreelekha, T T
Oct-2016TEMPO-Oxidized Nanocellulose Fiber-Directed Stable Aqueous Suspension of Plasmonic Flower-Like Silver Nanoconstructs for Ultra-Trace Detection of AnalytesNabeela, K; Thomas, R T; Nair, J B; Maiti, K K; Warrier, K G K; Pillai, S