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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12-14Blue emitting exciplex for yellow and white organic light-emitting diodesRajeev, K; Vipin, C K; Sajeev, A K; Shukla, A; McGregor, S K M; Lo, S C; Namdas, E B; Narayanan Unni, K N
2018-02-24Design and Synthesis of Solution Processable Green Fluorescent D-π-A Dyads for OLED ApplicationsShameel, T; Sanju, K S; Anjaly, S; Narayanan Unni, K N; Joshy Joseph; Ramaiah, D
2016Effect of the Electric Field During Annealing of Organic Light Emitting Diodes for Improving its on/off RatioSharma, R K; Katiyar, M; Rao, I V K; Narayanan Unni, K N; Deepak
2017-12-15Fine Tuning of Compact ZnO Blocking Layers for Enhanced Photovoltaic Performance in ZnO Based DSSCs: a Detailed Insight Using Beta Recombination, EIS, OCVD and IMVS TechniquesSwetha, S; Suraj Soman; Pradhan, S C; Narayanan Unni, K N; Peer Mohamed, A; Nair, B N; Hareesh, U S
2024-02Investigating mass transport and recombination as a function of structural variation in dye-sensitized solar cells employing indole fused heterocyclic organic sensitizers and cobalt electrolytesJayadev, V; Pradhan, S C; Nitha, P R; John, J; Narayanan Unni, K N; Soman, S
2018-11-06Low temperature-processed ZnO thin films for p–n junction-based visible-blind ultraviolet photodetectorsHanna, B; Surendran, K P; Narayanan Unni, K N
2018-01-07Photokinetic Study on Remarkable Excimer Phosphorescence from Heteroleptic Cyclometalated Platinum(II) Complexes Bearing a Benzoylated 2-Phenylpyridinate LigandOkamura, N; Maeda, T; Fujiwara, H; Anjaly, S; Narayanan Unni, K N; Ajayaghosh, A; Yagi, S
2019-08-28Variation of the Donor and Acceptor in D–A–p–A Based Cyanopyridine Dyes and its Effect on Dye Sensitized Solar CellsHemavathi, B; Jayadev, V; Ramamurthy, P C; Pai, R K; Narayanan Unni, K N; Ahipa, T N; Soman, S; Balakrishna, R G