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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2016Amino-functionalized Breath-Figure Cavities in Polystyrene–Alumina Hybrid Films: Effect of Particle Concentration and DispersionLakshmi, V; Annu Raju; Resmi, V G; Jerin K. Pancrecious; Rajan, T P D; Pavithran, C
2010Bifunctionalized hybrid silica spheres by hydrolytic cocondensation of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane and vinyltriethoxysilaneBindu, P N; Pavithran, C
2005Biosoftening of coir fiber using selected microorganismsAkhila Rajan; Resmi, C S; Pavithran, C; Emilia Abraham, T
2005Coconut fibre reinforced polyethylene composites:Effect of natural waxy surface layer of the fibre on fibre/matrix interfacial bonding and strength of compositesBrahmakumar, M; Pavithran, C; Pillai, R M
Dec-2015Concentration dependent pore Morphological tuning of Kaolin Clay Foams using Sodium dodecyl sulfate as Foaming AgentLakshmi, V; Resmi, V G; Annu Raju; Deepa, J P; Rajan, T P D; Pavithran, C; Pai, B C
2010Effect of lithium magnesium zinc borosilicate glass addition on densification temperature and dielectric properties of Mg2SiO4 ceramicsSasikala, T S; Pavithran, C; Sebastian, M T
2011Effect of silane coupling agent on the dielectric and thermal properties of DGEBA-forsterite compositesSasikala, T S; Raman, S; Mohanan, P; Pavithran, C; Sebastian, M T
2005Epoxidation and hydroxlation of rubber seed oil: one-pot multi-step reactionsOkieimen, F E; Pavithran, C; Bakare, I O
Jul-2015Fabrication of Epoxy Vesicles using Self-Assembling Polystyrene− Montmorillonite Nanocomposite Reusable TemplatePrasad, V S; Asha, S C; Bindu, P N; Bijini, T T; Pavithran, C
1-Oct-2007Facile green strategy for micro/nano structured conducting polyaniline-clay nanocomposite via template polymerization using amphiphilic dopant, 3-pentadecyl phenol 4-sulphonic acidSudha, J D; Reena, V L; Pavithran, C
Jun-2012Improved dielectric and mechanical properties of polystyrene− hybrid silica sphere composite induced through bifunctionalization at the interfaceSasikala, T S; Bindu, P N; Pavithran, C; Sebastian, M T
2013Influence of autocatalytic coating bath parameters on the formation of copper over surface treated boron carbide particlesDeepa, J P; Rajan, T P D; Pavithran, C; Pai, B C
2010Micropatterned surfaces through moisture-induced phase-separation of polystyrene-clay nanocomposite particlesBindu, P N; Pavithran, C
26-Jun-2017Microstructural Aspects of Particle-Assisted Breath Figures in Polystyrene–Alumina Hybrid Free Standing FilmLakshmi, V; Ramya, R; Annu, R; Rajan, T P D; Pavithran, C
2010Microvesides through Self-Assembly of Polystyrene-Clay NanocompositeBindu, P N; Pavithran, C; Sudha, J D; Prasad, V S
2010Nanostructured electro-magnetic materials from the guest-host organic-inorganic hybrid ternary system of polyaniline-polyhydroxy iron cation-clay composite: Preparation, properties and applicationsReena, V L; Pavithran, C; Sudha, J D
2010Nanostructured multifunctional electromagnetic materials from the guest-host inorganic-organic hybrid ternary system of a polyaniline-clay-polyhydroxy iron composite: Preparation and propertiesReena, V L; Pavithran, C; Verma, V; Sudha, J D
10-Jun-2009Near Room Temperature Magneto Caloric Effect in V doped La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 CeramicsNisha, P; Santhosh, P N; Suresh, K G; Pavithran, C; Varma, M R
2006Polyesters from renewable resources: Preparation and characterizationBakare, I O; Pavithran, C; Okiemen, F E; Pillai, C K S
Oct-2009Polystyrene-clay nanocomposite exhibiting self-assembling properties: Microvesicles for guest-encapsulationBindu P Nair; Pavithran, C