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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10-17Biodegradable Polymers for Gene DeliveryThomas, T J; Tajmir-Riahi, H A; Pillai, C K S
2011Biodegradable polymers- A review on recent trends and emerging perspectivesGisha, E L; Pillai, C K S
2006Chitosan/oligo L-lactide graft copolymers: Effect of hydrophobic side chains on the physico-chemical properties and biodegradabilityGisha, E L; Pillai, C K S
2008Experimental results for the rheological and rheoloptical behavior of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/liquid-crystalline polymer blendsCidade, M T; Menon, A R R; Leal, C R; Pillai, C K S
2005Fatigue resistance of silica-filled natural rubber vulcanizates: comparative study of the effect of phosphorylated cardanol prepolymer and a silane coupling agentMenon, A R R; Pillai, C K S; Jin, W S; Nah, C
2006-04Investigations on the cation induced liquid crystalline phases of high molecular weight DNANeethu Sundaresan; Pillai, C K S
2005Investigations on the liquid crystalline phases of cation-induced condensed DNAPillai, C K S; Neethu Sundaresan; Radhakrishnan Pillai, M; Thomas, T; Thomas, T J
2011Investigations on the spermine provoked liquid crystalline phase behavior of high molecular weight DNA in the presence of alkali and alkaline earth metal ionsNeethu Sundaresan; Thresia, T; Thomas, T J; Pillai, C K S
2008Liquid crystalline phase behavior of high molecular weight DNA: A comparative study of the influence of metal ions of different size, charge and binding modeNeethu, S; Suresh, C H; Thresia, T; Thomas, T J; Pillai, C K S
2006Lithium ion induced stabilization of the liquid crystalline DNANeethu Sundaresan; Thresia Thomas; Thomas, T J; Pillai, C K S
2008-04Nonlinear optical, fluorescence and liquid crystalline properties of novel azobenzene polymers and their oligomersSmitha, P; Pillai, C K S; Asha, S K
1998-05Phosphorylated cashew nut shell liquid as a multifunctional additive in natural rubberMenon, A R R; Pillai, C K S; Nando, G B
2006Polyesters from renewable resources: Preparation and characterizationBakare, I O; Pavithran, C; Okiemen, F E; Pillai, C K S
2006Role of Mg2+ and Ca2+ in DNA bending: Evidence from an ONIOM-based QM-MM study of a DNA fragmentNeethu Sundaresan; Pillai, C K S; Suresh, C H
2008Semiflexible random thermotropic copolymers from 8-(3-hydroxy phenyl) octanoic acid and 3-chloro-4-hydroxy benzoic acid/3,5-dibromo-4-hydroxy benzoic acidSumi Mitra; Pillai, C K S
2009Studies on the condensation of depolymerized chitosans With DNA for preparing chitosan-DNA nanoparticles for gene delivery applicationsMorris, V B; Neethu, S; Emilia Abraham, T; Pillai, C K S; Sharma, C P
2006Sugar end-capped polyethylene: Ceric ammonium nitrate initiated oxidation and melt phase grafting of glucose onto polyethylene and its microbial degradationGisha, E L; Lissy Jose; Prasad, V S; Pillai, C K S
2008Synthesis and characterization of novel water-soluble polyamide based on spermine and aspartic acid as a potential gene delivery vehicleViola, B M; Emila Abraham, T; Arathi, D S; Sreekumar, E; Pillai, M R; Thomas, T J; Pillai, C K S
2008Synthesis and characterization of rubber-seed-oil-based polyurethanesBakare, I O; Pavithran, C; Okieimen, F E; Pillai, C K S
2005Synthesis and properties of amphotropic hydrogen bonded liquid crystalline (LC) poly(ester amide)s (PEA): effect of aromatic moieties on LC behaviorSudha, J D; Pillai, C K S