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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Amberlite XAD-4 functionalized with succinic acid for the solid phase extractive preconcentration and separation of uranium(VI)Metilda, P; Sanghamitra, K; Mary Gladis, J; Naidu, G R K; Prasada Rao, T
2014Bio-based ionic liquid crystalline quaternary ammonium salts: Properties and applicationsRenjith, S; Prasada Rao, T; Sudha, J D
2012-07Copper quantum cluster-polypyrrole composite film based zero current chronopotentiometric sensor for glutathioneSaumya Varghese; Prasada Rao, T
2007Design and development of imprinted polymer inclusion membrane-based field monitoring device for trace determination of phorate (O,O-diethyl S-ethyl thiomethyl phophorodithioate) in natural watersPrasad, K; Prathish, K P; Mary Gladis, J; Naidu, G R; Prasada Rao, T
2008Design of two-dimensional biomimetic uranyl optrode and its application to the analysis of natural watersJames, D; Mary Gladis, J; Pandey, A K; Naidu, G R K; Prasada Rao, T
2006Determination of selenium(IV) after co-precipitation with Fe-Ti layered double hydroxidesPrasad, K; Rao, K S; Mary Gladis, J; Naidu, G R K; Prasada Rao, T
2009-07-04Dual Optoelectronic Visual Detection and Quantification of Spectroscopically Silent Heavy Metal Toxins: A Multi-measurand Sensing Strategy Based on Rhodamine 6G as Chromo or Fluoro IonophorePrathish, K P; James, D; Jaisy, J; Prasada Rao, T
2014Electrochemical synthesis of a gold atomic cluster-chitosan nanocomposite film modified gold electrode for ultra-trace determination of mercuryAneesh, P K; Sindhu, R N; Prasada Rao, T; Ajayaghosh, A
2014-07Electrochemically synthesized partially reduced graphene oxide modified glassy carbon electrode for individual and simultaneous voltammetric determination of ascorbic acid, dopamine and uric acidAneesh, P K; Sindhu, R N; Prasada Rao, T; Ajayaghosh, A
2012-10Fabrication and characterization of rhodamine 6G entrapped sol–gel film test strip for virtually specific and sensitive sensing of nitriteDhanya, S; Jaisy Joy; Prasada Rao, T
2006Flow injection on-line solid phase extractive preconcentration of palladium(II) in dust and rock samples using exfoliated graphite packed microcolumns and determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometryPraveen, R S; Sobhi Daniel; Prasada Rao, T; Sampath, S; Rao, K S
2011Hybrid gold atomic cluster-cobalt oxide scaffolds for dual tandem electrocatalytic sensing of cysteineSindhu, R N; Prathish, K P; Karthik, G; Prasada Rao, T
2011In situ copper oxide modified molecularly imprinted polypyrrole film based voltammetric sensor for selective recognition of tyrosineSaumya Varghese; Prathish, K P; Prasada Rao, T
2007Investigation of the role of chelating ligand in the synthesis of ion-imprinted polymeric resins on the selective enrichment of uranium(VI)Metilda, P; Mary Gladis, J; Venkateswaran, G; Prasada Rao, T
2006-04-27Ion Imprinted Polymer based Ion-selective Electrode for the Trace Determination of Dysprosium(III) IonsPrasad, K; Kala, R; Prasada Rao, T; Naidu, G R K
2006Ion imprinted polymer particles for separation of yttrium from selected lanthanidesKala, R; Prasada Rao, T
2006Ion Imprinted Polymer Solid Phase Extraction (IIP‐SPE) for Preconcentrative Separation of Erbium(III) From Adjacent Lanthanides and YttriumKala, R; Prasada Rao, T
2009Lanthanum carbonate incorporated chitosan microparticles for phosphate collectionAneesh, P K; Prathish, K P; Kala, R; Prasada Rao, T
2011Mechanistic aspects of tyrosine sensing on an in situ copper oxide modified molecularly imprinted polypyrrole coated glassy carbon electrodeSaumya, V; Prathish, K P; Dhanya, S; Prasada Rao, T
2006-09-25Metal Ion-imprinted Polymers—Novel Materials for Selective Recognition of InorganicsPrasada Rao, T; Kala, R; Sobhi Daniel