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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Design and development of imprinted polymer inclusion membrane-based field monitoring device for trace determination of phorate (O,O-diethyl S-ethyl thiomethyl phophorodithioate) in natural watersPrasad, K; Prathish, K P; Mary Gladis, J; Naidu, G R; Prasada Rao, T
4-Jul-2009Dual Optoelectronic Visual Detection and Quantification of Spectroscopically Silent Heavy Metal Toxins: A Multi-measurand Sensing Strategy Based on Rhodamine 6G as Chromo or Fluoro IonophorePrathish, K P; James, D; Jaisy, J; Prasada Rao, T
1-Jan-2016Electrochemical Characterisation of Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Film Modified Glassy Carbon Electrodes Prepared in Deep Eutectic Solvents for Simultaneous Sensing of BiomarkersPrathish, K P; Carvalho, R C; Brett, C M A
15-May-2017Fabrication of a Flexible Carbon Cloth based Solid Contact Iodide Selective ElectrodeCincy, J; Milja, T E; Prathish, K P
2011Hybrid gold atomic cluster-cobalt oxide scaffolds for dual tandem electrocatalytic sensing of cysteineSindhu, R N; Prathish, K P; Karthik, G; Prasada Rao, T
2011In situ copper oxide modified molecularly imprinted polypyrrole film based voltammetric sensor for selective recognition of tyrosineSaumya Varghese; Prathish, K P; Prasada Rao, T
2009Lanthanum carbonate incorporated chitosan microparticles for phosphate collectionAneesh, P K; Prathish, K P; Kala, R; Prasada Rao, T
2011Mechanistic aspects of tyrosine sensing on an in situ copper oxide modified molecularly imprinted polypyrrole coated glassy carbon electrodeSaumya, V; Prathish, K P; Dhanya, S; Prasada Rao, T
2007Molecularly imprinted polymer (biomimetic) based potentiometric sensor for atrazinePrasad, K; Prathish, K P; Mary Gladis, J; Naidu, G R K; Prasada Rao, T
2007Molecularly imprinted polymer-based potentiometric sensor for degradation product of chemical warfare agents - Part I. Methylphosphonic acidPrathish, K P; Prasad, K; Prasada Rao, T; Suryanarayana, M V S
2009Rational design of in situ monolithic imprinted polymer membranes for the potentiometric sensing of diethyl chlorophosphate - a chemical warfare agent simulantPrathish, K P; Vishnuvardhan, V; Prasada Rao, T
2011Synthesis of surface imprinted nanospheres for selective removal of uranium from simulants of Sambhar salt lake and ground waterMilja, T E; Prathish, K P; Prasada Rao, T