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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2016Amino-functionalized Breath-Figure Cavities in Polystyrene–Alumina Hybrid Films: Effect of Particle Concentration and DispersionLakshmi, V; Annu Raju; Resmi, V G; Jerin K. Pancrecious; Rajan, T P D; Pavithran, C
2008Centrifugal casting of functionally graded aluminium matrix composite componentsRajan, T P D; Pillai, R M; Pai, B C
Jun-2007Centrifugal casting: A potential technique for making functionally graded materials and engineering componentsRajan, T P D; Pillai, R M; Pai, B C
2010Characterization of centrifugal cast functionally graded aluminum-silicon carbide metal matrix compositesRajan, T P D; Pillai, R M; Pai, B C
Dec-2015Concentration dependent pore Morphological tuning of Kaolin Clay Foams using Sodium dodecyl sulfate as Foaming AgentLakshmi, V; Resmi, V G; Annu Raju; Deepa, J P; Rajan, T P D; Pavithran, C; Pai, B C
1-Oct-2014Developments in processing of functionally gradient metals and metal-ceramic composites: A reviewRajan, T P D; Pai, B C
11-Sep-2012Developments in Solidification Processing of Functionally Graded Aluminium Alloys and Composites by Centrifugal Casting TechniqueRajan, T P D; Jayakumar, E; Pai, B C
10-Oct-2012Effect of Mg on Solidification Microstructures of Homogenous and Functionally Graded A390 Aluminum AlloysJayakumar, E; Rajan, T P D; Pai, B C
22-Jan-2007Effects of Individual and Combined Additions of Be, Mn, Ca and Sr on the Solidification Behaviour, Structure and Mechanical Properties of Al–7Si–0.3Mg–0.8Fe AlloySreeja Kumari, S S; Pillai, R.M; Rajan, T P D; Pai, B C
Dec-2007Fabrication and characterization of A1-7Si-0.35Mg/fly ash metal matrix composites processed by different stir casting routesRajan, T P D; Pillai, R M; Pai, B C; Satyanarayana, K G; Rohatgi, P K
2009Formation of solidification microstructures in centrifugal cast functionally graded aluminium compositesRajan, T P D; Pai, B C
2015Hafnium silicate: A new microwave dielectric ceramic with low thermal expansivityJobin Varghese; Tony Joseph; Surendran, K P; Rajan, T P D; Sebastian, M T
2013Influence of autocatalytic coating bath parameters on the formation of copper over surface treated boron carbide particlesDeepa, J P; Rajan, T P D; Pavithran, C; Pai, B C
2013Measuring delamination severity of glass fiber-reinforced epoxy composites during drilling processNagarajan, V A; Sundaram, S; Thyagarajan, K; Selwin Rajadurai, J; Rajan, T P D
26-Jun-2017Microstructural Aspects of Particle-Assisted Breath Figures in Polystyrene–Alumina Hybrid Free Standing FilmLakshmi, V; Ramya, R; Annu, R; Rajan, T P D; Pavithran, C
2011Novel approach on characterization of inter-laminar failure in glass fiber reinforced compositeNagarajan, V A; Sundaram, S; Thyagarajan, K; Selwinrajadurai, J; Rajan, T P D
16-Apr-2014Physical, mechanical, and tribological attributes of stir-cast AZ91/SiCp compositeAjith Kumar, K K; Abhilash, V; Rajan, T P D; Pillai, U T S; Pai, B C
2-Nov-2018Preface on International Conference on Solidification Science and ProcessingBanhart, J; Pillai, U T S; Rajan, T P D; Murty, B S
Jun-2002Processing and characterisation of aluminium metal matrix compositesRajan, T P D; Pai, B C; Pillai, R M
Aug-2016Processing and Characterization of Functionally Graded Aluminum (A319)—SiCp Metallic Composites by Centrifugal Casting TechniqueJayakumar, E; Jacob, J C; Rajan, T P D; Joseph, M A; Pai, B C