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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04Antimicrobial, electrochemical and photo catalytic activities of Zn doped Fe3O4 nanoparticlesAnjana, P M; Bindhu, M R; Umadevi, M; Rakhi, R B
2019-04-30Carbon Quantum Dot-Modified Carbon Paste Electrode-Based Sensor for Selective and Sensitive Determination of AdrenalineShankar, S S; Shereema, R M; Vishnu, R; Sruthi, T V; Sameer Kumar, V B; Rakhi, R B
2020Development of ZnO@rGO Nanocomposites for the Enzyme Free Electrochemical Detection of Urea and GlucoseBabitha, K B; Soorya, P S; Mohamed, A P; Rakhi, R B; Ananthakumar, S
2018-11-22Electrochemical Determination of Adrenaline Using MXene/ Graphite Composite Paste ElectrodesShankar, S S; Shereema, R M; Rakhi, R B
2019-03-27Green Synthesized Gold Nanoparticle Dispersed Porous Carbon Composites for Electrochemical Energy StorageAnjana, P M; Bindhu, M R; Rakhi, R B
2020-04-05High Performance Supercapacitors Based on Mos2 Nanostructures With Near Commercial Mass LoadingManuraj, M; Nair, K V K; Unni, K N N; Rakhi, R B
2018-03-22A High-Performance Flexible Supercapacitor Anode Based On Polyaniline/Fe3O4 Composite@Carbon ClothKumar, M P; Lathika, L M; Mohanachandran, A P; Rakhi, R B
2022-04Manganese Cobalt Oxide Nanoflakes for Electrochemical Energy StorageAnjana, P M; Kumar, S R S; Rakhi, R B
2021MnCo2O4 Nanoneedles Self-organized Microstructures for SupercapacitorsAnjana, P M; Sarath Kumar, S R; Rakhi, R B
2023-02-02MnCo2S4 nanoflowers directly grown over nickel foam as cathode for high-performance asymmetric hybrid supercapacitorsAnjana, P M; Sarath Kumar, S R; Rakhi, R B
2020-11MoSe2 Nanoflowers as Efficient Electrode Materials for SupercapacitorsManuraj, M; Jyothilakshmi, S; Unni, K N N; Rakhi, R B
2016-11-10Novel Amperometric Glucose Biosensor Based on MXene NanocompositeRakhi, R B; Nayuk, P; Xia, C; Alshareef, H N
2018-07One-Pot Synthesis of g-C3N4/MnO2 and g-C3N4/SnO2 Hybrid Nanocomposites for Supercapacitor ApplicationsKavil, Jithesh; Anjana, P M; Periyat, Pradeepan; Rakhi, R B
2017-03-20Reduced Graphene Oxide Based Ternary Nanocomposite Cathodes for High-Performance Aqueous Asymmetric SupercapacitorsRakhi, R B; Lekshmi, M L
2023-04-01Role of reduced graphene oxide-co-double-doped Fe3O4 nanocomposites for photocatalytic and supercapacitor applicationsAnjana, P M; Joe Sherin, J F; Vijayakumar, C; Sarath Kumar, S R; Bindhu, M R; Rakhi, R B
2018-10Titania nanotubes dispersed graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets as efficient electrode materials for supercapacitorsJithesh Kavil; Anjana, P M; Pradeepan Periyat; Rakhi, R B
2022-07-20Tunable Capacitive Behavior in Metallopolymer-based Electrochromic Thin Film SupercapacitorsMukkatt, I; Mohanachandran, A P; Nirmala, A; Patra, D; Sukumaran, P A; Pillai, R S; Rakhi, R B; Shankar, S; Ajayaghosh, A
2023-03-07WS2-Nanosheet-Modified Electrodes as an Efficient Electrochemical Sensing Platform for the Nonenzymatic Detection of the Insecticide ImidaclopridHaritha, V S; Sarath Kumar, S R; Rakhi, R B
2017-09-14Zero-Dimensional Methylammonium Bismuth Iodide-Based Lead- Free Perovskite CapacitorPious, J K; Lekshmi, M L; Muthu, C; Rakhi, R B; Nair, V C