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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2014Design of a nanostructured electromagnetic polyaniline–keggin Iron–Clay composite modified electrochemical sensor for the nanomolar detection of Ascorbic acidReena, V L; Sudha, J D; Rohini, K N; Neethu, K S
2013Development of electromagnetic interference shielding materials from the composite of nanostructured polyaniline-polyhydroxy iron-clay and polycarbonateReena, V L; Sudha, J D; Ramakrishnan, R
Mar-2009Development of Electromagnetic Shielding Materials from the Conductive Blends of Polyaniline and Polyaniline-clay Nanocomposite-EVA: Preparation and PropertiesSudha, J D; Sivakala, S; Prasanth, R; Reena, V L; Nair, P R
1-Oct-2007Facile green strategy for micro/nano structured conducting polyaniline-clay nanocomposite via template polymerization using amphiphilic dopant, 3-pentadecyl phenol 4-sulphonic acidSudha, J D; Reena, V L; Pavithran, C
2010Nanostructured electro-magnetic materials from the guest-host organic-inorganic hybrid ternary system of polyaniline-polyhydroxy iron cation-clay composite: Preparation, properties and applicationsReena, V L; Pavithran, C; Sudha, J D
2010Nanostructured multifunctional electromagnetic materials from the guest-host inorganic-organic hybrid ternary system of a polyaniline-clay-polyhydroxy iron composite: Preparation and propertiesReena, V L; Pavithran, C; Verma, V; Sudha, J D
2012Nanostructured polyaniline-polytitanate-clay composite for photocatalytic applications: Preparation and propertiesRamakrishnan, R; Sudha, J D; Reena, V L
2009Role of amphiphilic dopants on the shape and properties of electrically conducting polyaniline-clay nanocompositeReena, V L; Sudha, J D; Pavithran, C
Aug-2007Structure – directing effect of renewable resource based amphiphilic dopants on the formation of conducting polyaniline-clay nanocompositeSudha, J D; Reena, V L
2011Water-dispersible multifunctional polyaniline-laponite-keggin iron nanocomposites through a template approachSudha, J D; Pich, A; Reena, V L; Sivakala, S; Adler, Hans-Juergen P