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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20063-phenyl-4-benzoyl-5-isoxazolonate complex of Eu3+ with tri-n-octylphosphine oxide as a promising light-conversion molecular deviceRani Pavithran; Saleesh Kumar, N S; Biju, S; Reddy, M L P; Junior, S A; Freire, R O
2007Aggregation and photoresponsive behavior of azobenzene-oligomethylene-glucopyranoside bolaamphiphilesNarayan, G; Saleesh Kumar, N S; Paul, S; Srinivas, O; Jayaraman, N; Suresh Das
2010Butadiene-based photoresponsive soft materialsSuresh Das; Shinto Varghese; Saleesh Kumar, N S
2009Correlation between solid-state photophysical properties and molecular packing in a series of Indane-1,3-dione containing butadiene derivativesSaleesh Kumar, N S; Shinto Varghese; Suresh, C H; Rath, N P; Suresh Das
2009Formation of highly luminescent supramolecular architectures possessing columnar order from octupolar oxadiazole derivatives: Hierarchical self-assembly from nanospheres to fibrous gelsShinto Varghese; Saleesh Kumar, N S; Anjali Krishna; Shankar Rao, D S; Prasad, S K; Suresh Das
2006Hierarchical self-assembly of donor-acceptor-substituted butadiene amphiphiles into photoresponsive vesicles and gelsSaleesh Kumar, N S; Varghese, S; Narayanan, G; Suresh, Das
2009Indane-1,3-dione and cholesterol containing butadione derivatives: Photoresponsive liquid crystalline glasses for imaging applicationsSaleesh Kumar, N S; Shibu Abraham; Ratheesh, K V; Tamaoki, N; Furumi, S; Suresh Das
2008Molecular packing and solid-state fluorescence of alkoxy-cyano substituted diphenylbutadienes: Structure of the luminescent aggregatesRiju Davis; Saleesh Kumar, N S; Shibu Abraham; Suresh, C H; Rath, N P; Tamaoki, N; Suresh Das
2017-03-02Self-Assembling and Luminescent Properties of Chiral Bisoxadiazole Derivatives in Solution and Liquid-Crystalline PhasesSivadas, A P; Shankar R, D S; Saleesh Kumar, N S; Prabhu, D D; Varghese, S; Ramachandran, C N; Ongungal, R M; Krishna Prasad, S; Suresh Das
2016-09-13Self-Assembly and Mechanochromic Luminescence Switching of Trifluoromethyl Substituted 1,3,4-Oxadiazole DerivativesOngungal, R M; Sivadas, A P; Saleesh Kumar, N S; Menon, S; Das, S
2008Solid state optical properties of 4-alkoxy-pyridine butadiene derivatives: Reversible thermal switching of luminescenceSaleesh Kumar, N S; Shinto Varghese; Rath, N P; Suresh Das
2014Supergelation via purely aromatic pi-pi driven self-assembly of pseudodiscotic oxadiazole mesogensAneesh, P S; Saleesh Kumar, N S; Prabhu, D D; Shinto Varghese; Krishna Prasad, S; Shankar Rao, D S; Suresh Das
2012-11-01Trigonal 1,3,4-Oxadiazole-based blue emitting liquid crystals and gelsPrabhu, D D; Saleesh Kumar, N S; Aneesh, P S; Shinto Varghese; Suresh Das