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2013An exclusive approach to 3,4-disubstituted cyclopentenes and alkylidene cyclopentenes via the palladium catalyzed ring opening of azabicyclic olefins with aryl halidesNayana Joseph; Rani Rajan; Jubi John; Devika, N V; Sarath Chand, S; Suresh, E; Pihko, P M; Radhakrishnan, K V
2016-02-10Lewis Acid Catalyzed Regioselective Hydroheteroarylation of PentafulvenesSarath Chand, S; Greeshma, Gopalan; Santhini, P V; Preethanuj, P; Jubi, John; Dominique, Harakat; Florian, Jaroschik; Radhakrishnan, K V
2013Palladium catalyzed reaction of ortho-functionalized aryl iodides with bicyclic hydrazines: facile route toward heteroannulated cyclopentenes and azabicyclesJubi John; Rani, R; Sarath Chand, S; Praveen, P; Nayana Joseph; Suresh, E; Radhakrishnan, K V
2013Palladium-catalyzed skeletal rearrangement of spirotricyclic olefins: A Facile one-pot strategy for the Synthesis of a novel motif with cyclopentene fused to benzofuran and pyrazolidinePraveen, P; Jijy, E; Preethanuj, P; Pihko, P M; Sarath Chand, S; Radhakrishnan, K V
2013Palladium/Lewis acid mediated domino reaction of pentafulvene derived diazabicyclic olefins: efficient access to spiropentacyclic motif with an indoline and pyrazolidine fused to cyclopenteneSarath Chand, S; Jijy, E; Praveen, P; Szymoniak, J; Preethanuj, P; Dhanya, B P; Radhakrishnan, K V
2017-02-02Recent Advances in the Chemistry of PentafulvenesPreethanuj, P; Syam Krishnan, K; Sreeja, T; Sarath Chand, S; Jomy Joseph; Nair, V; Jaroschik, F; Radhakrishnan, K V
2014Trapping the Lewis acid generated transient species from pentafulvene derived diazanorbornenes with ortho-functionalized aryl iodides and aliphatic alcoholsSarath Chand, S; Saranya, S; Preethanuj, P; Dhanya, B P; Jijy, E; Praveen, P; Sasidhar, B S; Szymoniak, J; Santhini, P V; Radhakrishnan, K V