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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007CFD based investigations on hydrodynamics and energy dissipation due to solid motion in liquid fluidised bedPanneerselvam, R; Savithri, S; Surender, G D
2008CFD modeling of gas-liquid-solid mechanically agitated contactorPanneerselvam, R; Savithri, S; Surender, G D
2010Computational fluid dynamics modeling of gas dispersion in multi impeller bioreactorAhmed, S U; Ranganathan, P; Pandey, A; Savithri, S
2009Computational fluid dynamics simulation of solid suspension in a gas-liquid-solid mechanically agitated contactorPanneerselvam, R; Savithri, S; Surender, G D
2014A fluorescent molecular probe for the identification of zinc and cadmium salts by excited state charge transfer modulationDivya, K P; Savithri, S; Ajayaghosh, A
2015-12Indigenous Development and Industrial Application of Metal Casting Simulation SoftwareRavi, B; Savithri, S; Sasikumar, R; Arjun, M M
2024-02Infrared-based machine learning models for the rapid quantification of lignocellulosic multi-feedstock compositionPushpa, S R; Awoyale, A A; Lokhat, D; Sukumaran, R K; Savithri, S
2011Investigations on hydrodynamics and mass transfer in gas-liquid stirred reactor using computational fluid dynamicsPanneerselvam, R; Savithri, S
2020-09Investigations on the Melt Flow Behavior and Microstructure of A390 Alloy During Vertical Centrifugal Casting Process: CFD Simulation and ExperimentsKarun, A S; Kumar, J A; eyalakshmi, T S; Krishna, B S G; Suraj, K S V; Shankar, K V; Rajan, T P D; Savithri, S
2005Micromechanical modeling of hybrid compositesBabu, P E J; Savithri, S; Pillai, U T S; Pai, B C
2016-09-10On the Orthogonality of Indicators of Journal PerformanceGangan Prathap; Nishy, P; Savithri, S
2015-07Prediction of Sugar Yields During Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass Using Artificial Neural Network ModelingVani, S; Sukumaran, R K; Savithri, S
2010-11Process simulation of the carbothermal reduction of ilmenite in rotary kiln reactorsManju, M S; Savithri, S
2015-09-07Quantitative feeder design for metal castingsMadhan Kumar, P; Jacob, E; Savithri, S; Suneeth, G S
2018-11Size and Morphology of Gas Porosity in Castings—Insights into Computational Experiments Using a Cellular Automaton ModelSavithri, S; Sasikumar, R
2021Sodium silicate-derived aerogels: effect of processing parameters on their applicationsMinju, N; Nair, B N; Savithri, S
2019-07-17Superswelling Hybrid Sponge from Water Glass for Selective Absorption of Crude Oil and Organic SolventsMinju, N; Ananthakumar, S; Savithri, S
2012Three dimensional CFD simulation of pneumatic coal injection in a direct reduction rotary kilnManju, M S; Savithri, S