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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Indane-1,3-dione and cholesterol containing butadione derivatives: Photoresponsive liquid crystalline glasses for imaging applicationsSaleesh Kumar, N S; Shibu Abraham; Ratheesh, K V; Tamaoki, N; Furumi, S; Suresh Das
2010Light induced generation of stable blue phase in photoresponsive diphenylbutadiene based mesogenRatheesh, K V; Shibu Abraham; Rao, D S S; Krishna Prasad, S; Suresh Das
2008Manifestation of a chiral smectic C phase in diphenylbutadiene-cored bolaamphiphilic sugarsSuresh Das; Narayan, G; Shibu Abraham; Jayaraman, N; Singh, M K; Krishna Prasad, S; Shankar Rao, D S
2008Molecular packing and solid-state fluorescence of alkoxy-cyano substituted diphenylbutadienes: Structure of the luminescent aggregatesRiju Davis; Saleesh Kumar, N S; Shibu Abraham; Suresh, C H; Rath, N P; Tamaoki, N; Suresh Das
2005Observation of a chiral smectic phase in azobenzene-linked bolaamphiphiles containing free sugarsShibu Abraham; Paul, S; Narayan, G; Krishna Prasad, S; Shankar Rao, D S; Jayaraman, N; Suresh Das
2008Photoresponsive glass-forming butadiene-based chiral liquid crystals with circularly polarized photoluminescenceRatheesh, K V; Shibu Abraham; Akiyama, H; Furumi, S; Tamaoki, N; Suresh Das
2006Reversible thermal and photochemical switching of liquid crystalline phases and luminescence in diphenylbutadiene-based mesogenic dimersShibu Abraham; Ajaya Mallia, V; Ratheesh, K V; Tamaoki, N; Suresh Das
2007-01Synthesis and Studies of Novel Donor-Acceptor-Substituted Butadiene SystemsShibu Abraham; Suresh Das
2009Tuning microstructures in organogels: Gelation and spectroscopic properties of mono- and bis-cholesterol-linked diphenylbutadiene derivativesShibu Abraham; Ratheesh, K V; Suresh Das