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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Effect of precursor particle size distribution on the morphology and low wetting behavior of photocatalytic nanocoatings on glass surfacesSmitha, V S; Francois, P; Hareesh, U S; Warrier, K G K
2013Effect of Precursor Particle Size Distribution on the Morphology and Low Wetting Behavior of Photocatalytic Nanocoatings on Glass SurfacesSmitha, V S; Francois, P; Hareesh, U S; Warrier, K G
2016Energy Revamping of Solar Panels Through Titania Nanocomposite Coatings; Influence of Aqueous Silica PrecursorSmitha, V S; Vidya, K; Jayasankar, M; Peer Mohamed, A; Hareesh, U S; Warrier, K G K
2012-01Hydrophobic, photoactive Titania–alumina nanocrystallites and coatings by an aqueous sol–gel processSmitha, V S; Baiju, K V; Perumal, P; Ghosh, S K; Warrier, K G K
2011Low temperature needle like mullite grain formation in sol-gel precursors coated on SiC porous substratesJayasankar, M; Anilkumar, G M; Smitha, V S; Mukundan, P; Madhusoodana, C D; Warrier, K G K
2013-04Novel multifunctional titania-silica-lanthanum phosphate nanocomposite coatings through an all aqueous sol-gel processSmitha, V S; Jyothi, C K; Peer Mohamed, A; Saju Pillai; Warrier, K G K
2013-04-07Novel Multifunctional Titania-Silica-Lanthanum Phosphate Nanocomposite Coatings Through an All Aqueous Sol-gel ProcessSmitha, V S; Jyothi, C K; Peer Mohamed, A; Pillai, S; Warrier, K G
2016-07-01Optical Properties of Rare-Earth Doped TiO2 Nanocomposites and Coatings; A Sol-Gel Strategy towards Multi–functionalitySmitha, V S; Pillai, S; Hareesh, U S; Swapankumar, G; Warrier, K G K
2018-05-16ORMOSIL–ZrO2 Hybrid Nanocomposites and Coatings On Aluminium Alloys For Corrosion Resistance; A Sol–Gel ApproachSmitha, V S; Syamili, S S; Peer Mohamed, A; Nair, B N; Hareesh, U S
2014-11-10Photoluminescent, self-cleaning titanium oxide nanocomposites with multifunctional propertiesSmitha, V S; Saju Pillai; Hareesh, U N S; Nair, B N; Warrier, K P
2011Rhodamine 6G Intercalated montmorillonite nanopigments-polyethylene composites: Facile synthesis and ultravioletstability studySmitha, V S; Manjumol, K A; Ghosh, S K; Brahmakumar, M; Pavithran, C; Perumal, P; Warrier, K G K
2010Sol-gel route to synthesize titania-silica nano precursors for photoactive particulates and coatingsSmitha, V S; Manjumol, K A; Baiju, K V; Ghosh, S K; Perumal, P; Warrier, K G K
2010Synthesis of lanthanum oxide doped photocatalytic nano titanium oxide through aqueous sol-gel method for titania multifunctional ultrafiltration membraneManjumol, K A; Smitha, V S; Shajesh, P; Baiju, K V; Warrier, K G K
2014Temperature assisted acid catalyzed peptization of TiO2; facile sol-gel approach for thermally stable anatase phaseVidya, K; Smitha, V S; Peer Mohamed, A; Hareesh, U S; Warrier, K G K
2011Titania-lanthanum phosphate photoactive and hydrophobic new generation catalystJyothi, C K; Jaimy, K B; Ghosh, S K; Sankar, S; Smitha, V S; Warrier, K G K
2018-03-22Transparent and Hydrophobic MTMS/GPTMS Hybrid Aerogel Monoliths and Coatings by Sol‐Gel Method: A Viable Remedy for Oil‐Spill CleanupSmitha, V S; Peer Mohamed, A; Warrier, K G K; Nair, B N; Hareesh, U S