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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Arsenic trioxide toxicity in H9c2 myoblasts-damage to cell organelles and possible amelioration with Boerhavia diffusaVineetha, V P; Prathapan, A; Soumya, R S; Raghu, K G
2014-11Beneficial Properties of Selenium Incorporated Guar Gum Nanoparticles Against Ischemia/ Reperfusion in Cardiomyoblasts (H9c2)Soumya, R S; Vineetha, V P; Salin Raj, P; Raghu, K G
2015Cerium nanoparticles synthesized using aqueous extract of Centella asiatica: Characterization, determination of free radical scavenging activity and evaluation of efficacy against cardiomyoblast hypertrophyVandana, S; Salin Raj, P; Athira, R; Soumya, R S; Raghu, K G
2015Phloretin ameliorates arsenic trioxide induced mitochondrial dysfunction in H9c2 cardiomyoblasts mediated via alterations in membrane permeability and ETC complexesVineetha, V P; Soumya, R S; Raghu, K G
2014Polyphenol-rich apple (Malus domestica L.) peel extract attenuates arsenic trioxide induced cardiotoxicity in H9c2 cells via its antioxidant activityVineetha, V P; Girija, S; Soumya, R S; Raghu, K G
2010Preparation and characterization of guar gum nanoparticlesSoumya, R S; Ghosh, S K; Emilia Abraham, T
2018-02Selenium Incorporated Guar Gum Nanoparticles Safeguard Mitochondrial Bioenergetics During Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in H9c2 Cardiac CellsSoumya, R S; Prathapan, A; Salin Raj, P; Vineetha, V P; Raghu, K G
2014Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of the antioxidant potential of vanadium encapsulated guar gum nanoparticlesSoumya, R S; Reshmi, R; Jomon, S; Antu, K A; Riya, M P; Raghu, K G