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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Asarones from Acorus calamus in combination with Azoles and Amphotericin B: A novel synergistic combination to compete against human Pathogenic Candida species in vitroNishanth Kumar, S; Aravind, S R; Sreelekha, T T; Jubi Jacob; Dileep Kumar, B S
17-May-2019Biogenic silver nanoparticles embedded polyvinyl alcohol nanofibrous scaffolds avert tumour and bacterial growthPreethi, G U; Unnikrishnan, B S; Shiji, R; Sreelekha, T T; Joseph, M M
Nov-2017Bisindole-Oxadiazole Hybrids, T3P®-Mediated Synthesis, and Appraisal of Their Apoptotic, Antimetastatic, and Computational Bcl-2 Binding PotentialPooja, R K; Joseph, M M; Abdul Salam, A A; Sreelekha, T T; Dhanya, S; Biswas, S; Pai, K S R
1-Aug-2014Characterization of three depside compounds from a Western Ghat lichenParmelia erumpens Kurok with special reference to antimicrobial and anticancer activityAravind, S R; Sreelekha, T T; Dileep Kumar, B S; Nishanth Kumar, S; Mohandas, C
Mar-2017Computational and Mechanistic Studies on the Effect of Galactoxyloglucan: Imatinib Nanoconjugate in Imatinib Resistant K562 CellsJames, A R; Unnikrishnan, B S; Priya, R; Joseph, M M; Manojkumar, T K; Raveendran Pillai, K; Shiji, R; Preethi, G U; Kusumakumary, P; Sreelekha, T T
4-Mar-2016A Dual-Targeting Octaguanidine–Doxorubicin Conjugate Transporter for Inducing Caspase-Mediated Apoptosis on Folate-Expressing Cancer CellsJyothi, B N; Manu M, Joseph; Saswat, Mohapatra; Safeera, M; Surajit, Ghosh; Sreelekha, T T; Maiti, Kaustabh Kumar
18-Aug-2017Emergence of Gold-Mesoporous Silica Hybrid Nanotheranostics: Dox-Encoded, Folate Targeted Chemotherapy with Modulation of SERS Fingerprinting for Apoptosis Toward Tumor EradicationRamya, A N; Joseph, M M; Santhi, M; Varsha, K; Sreelekha, T T; Maiti, K K
28-Aug-2018Erratum: Bisindole-oxadiazole hybrids, T3P®-mediated synthesis and appraisal of their apoptotic, antimetastatic and computational Bcl‐2 binding potentialPooja, R K; Joseph, M M; Abdul Salam, A A; Sreelekha, T T; Dhanya, S; Biswas, S; Pai, K S R
23-May-2017Exploration of Biogenic Nano-chemobiotics Fabricated by Silver Nanoparticle and Galactoxyloglucan with an Efficient Biodistribution in Solid Tumor Investigated by SERS FingerprintingJoseph, M M; Nair, J B; Adukkadan, R N; Neethu, H; Pillai, R K; Nair, A J; Maiti, K K; Sreelekha, T T
10-Sep-2019Galactoxyloglucan-Modified Gold Nanocarrier of Doxorubicin for Treating Drug-Resistant Brain TumorsKomeri, R; Maya, S; Unnikrishnan, B S; Sreekutty, J; Preethi, G U; Maiti, K K; Sreelekha, T T
15-Nov-2017Plasmonically Enhanced Galactoxyloglucan Endowed Gold Nanoparticles Exposed Tumor Targeting Biodistribution Envisaged in a Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering PlatformJoseph, M M; Nair, J B; Maiti, K K; Sreelekha, T T
26-Aug-2016Pseudopyronine B: A Potent Antimicrobial and Anticancer Molecule Isolated from a Pseudomonas mosseliiNishanth Kumar, S; Aravind, S R; Jubi Jacob; Geethu, Gopinath; Ravi S, Lankalapalli; Sreelekha, T T; Dileep Kumar, B S