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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Bio-based ionic liquid crystalline quaternary ammonium salts: Properties and applicationsRenjith, S; Prasada Rao, T; Sudha, J D
2015Brawny silver-hydrogel based nanocatalyst for reduction of nitrophenols: Studies on kinetics and mechanismRohini, K N; Sudha, J D
2009Conducting polystyrene/polyaniline blend through template-assisted emulsion polymerizationSudha, J D; Sivakala, S
2012-07-15Cure kinetics studies of cyanate ester and bisphenol-F epoxy blendPriyanka, B; Jisha, U; Sudha, J D; Pradhan, S
2014-12-15Design of a nanostructured electromagnetic polyaniline–keggin Iron–Clay composite modified electrochemical sensor for the nanomolar detection of Ascorbic acidReena, V L; Sudha, J D; Rohini, K N; Neethu, K S
2017-02-21Design of Macroscopically Ordered Liquid Crystalline Hydrogel Columns Knitted with Nanosilver for Topical ApplicationsRaveendran, R L; Kumar Sasidharan, N; Sudha, J D
2013Development of electromagnetic interference shielding materials from the composite of nanostructured polyaniline-polyhydroxy iron-clay and polycarbonateReena, V L; Sudha, J D; Ramakrishnan, R
2009-03Development of Electromagnetic Shielding Materials from the Conductive Blends of Polyaniline and Polyaniline-clay Nanocomposite-EVA: Preparation and PropertiesSudha, J D; Sivakala, S; Prasanth, R; Reena, V L; Nair, P R
2010-07-29Development of electromagnetic shielding materials from the conductive blends of polystyrene polyaniline-clay nanocompositeSudha, J D; Sivakala, S; Kamlesh Patel; Radhakrishnan Nair, P
2014Effect of nano/micro-mixed ceramic fillers on the dielectric and thermal properties of epoxy polymer compositesVaisakh, S S; Hassanzadeh, M; Metz, R; Ramakrishnan, S; Chappelle, D; Sudha, J D; Ananthakumar, S
2014Electrically conducting silver nanoparticle–polyacrylic acid hydrogel by in situ reduction and polymerization approachSudha, J D; Rohini, K N; Sivakala, S
2015-08-24Electrochemically Patterned Transducer with Anisotropic PEDOT through Liquid Crystalline Template PolymerizationNeethu, K S; Sudha, J D; Rohini, K N; Molji, C
2008Enzymatic modification of cassava starch by fungal lipaseAkhila Rajan; Sudha, J D; Emilia Abraham, T
2014Facile bioanchoring strategy for the preparation of hierarchical multiple structured ZnO crystals and its application as a photoanode in dye sensitized solar cellsRamakrishnan, R; Aravind, A; Sudha, J D; Manoj Raama Varma; Kiran Mohan
2016-11-28Facile Strategy for the Development of Polyglucopyranose-Silver Hydrogel/Films for Antimicrobial ApplicationsReshma, L R; Sudha, J D; Nampoothri, K M
2018-03-26Flexible Electrochemical Transducer Platform for NeurotransmittersAashish, A; Neethu, K S; Krishna Priya, G; Hareesh, U S; Sankaran, M; Sudha, J D
2011Influence of manganese acetyl acetonate on the cure-kinetic parameters of cyanate ester-epoxy blend systems in fusion relevant magnets winding packsPradhan, S; Priyanka, B; Sudha, J D; Jisha, U
2010Microgel/clay nanohybrids as responsive scavenger systemsBerger, S; Rekha Singh; Sudha, J D; Adler, H-J; Pich, A
2010Microvesides through Self-Assembly of Polystyrene-Clay NanocompositeBindu, P N; Pavithran, C; Sudha, J D; Prasad, V S
2015-05-01Nanocubes of rutile titania for enhanced visible light photocatalytic applicationsAashish, A; Ramakrishnan, R; Sudha, J D; Sankaran, M; Krishna Priya, G