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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005(1-x)MgAl2O4-xTiO(2) dielectrics for microwave and millimeter wave applicationsSurendran, K P; Bijumon, P V; Mohanan, P; Sebastian, M T
2018-01-14Aerogels of Hierarchically Porous Syndiotactic Polystyrene With a Dielectric Constant Near to AirAngel Mary Joseph; Nagendra, B; Shaiju, P; Surendran, K P; Bhoje Gowd, E
2017-01-13Can Zinc Aluminate-Titania Composite be an Alternative for Alumina as Microelectronic Substrate?Roshni, S B; Sebastian, M T; Surendran, K P
2017-09-01Design and Fabrication of an E-Shaped Wearable Textile Antenna on PVB-Coated Hydrophobic Polyester FabricRoshni, S B; Jayakrishnan, M P; Mohanan, P; Surendran, K P
2024Directional freezing-induced self-poled piezoelectric nylon 11 aerogels as high-performance mechanical energy harvestersGeorge, A; Varghese, H; Chandran, A; Surendran, K P; Bhoje Gowd, E
2014The effect of Ga3+ addition on the sinterability and microwave dielectric properties of RE3Al5O12 (Tb3+, Y3+, Er3+ and Yb3+) garnet ceramicsAnnrose, S; Varsha Viswanath; Surendran, K P; Sebastian, M T
2013Effect of glass fluxing on densification and microwave dielectric properties of LiInSiO4 ceramicAnnrose, S; Lazer, K A; Manu, K M; Surendran, K P; Sebastian, M T
2023Effect of nano ZrO2 addition on the properties of Ca0.86Sr0.14CuO2 added Bi 2223 compositesVerma, P K; Rajasekharan, T; Das, S C; Surendran, K P; Bai, V S
2005Effect of nonstoichiometry on the structure and microwave dielectric properties of Ba(Mg0.33Ta0.67)O-3Surendran, K P; Sebastian, M T; Mohanan, P; Moreira, R L; Dias, A
2021-10-11Electrical, Thermal and Microwave Shielding Properties of Printable Silver NanowiresRemadevi, A; Jose, S A; Dijith, K S; Surendran, K P
2024-02-07Exchange bias mediated self-biased magnetoelectric coupling in Co–BaTiO3 compositesRevathy, R; Kumar Nair, A A; Kalarikkal, N; Varma, M R; Surendran, K P
2021Exchange-Spring Mechanism and Griffiths-like Phase in Room-Temperature Magnetoelectric Ni–BaTiO3 CompositesRevathy, R; Kalarikkal, N; Varma, M R; Surendran, K P
2021Exotic Magnetic Properties and Enhanced Magnetoelectric Coupling in Fe3O4-BaTiO3 HeterostructuresRevathy, R; Kalarikkal, N; Varma, M R; Surendran, K P
2013Facile Synthesis of “Quench-Free Glass” and Ceramic-Glass Composite for LTCC ApplicationsAbhilash, P; Dhanesh, T; Surendran, K P; Sebastian, M T
2024-01-26Fluorescent Carbon Dots from Bamboo Stem Waste: Synthesis, Characterization, and Inkjet PrintingBavya, V; Pillai, A S; Surendran, K P; Rajan, T P D; Suresh, K I
2016-06-13Formulation of Sol−Gel Derived Bismuth Silicate Dielectric Ink for Flexible Electronics ApplicationsAbhilash, P; Surendran, K P
2022-02-02Functionally Graded Magnetodielectric Composite Substrates for Massive Miniaturization of Microstrip AntennasLekshmi, D R; Adarsh, S P; Bayal, M; Nair, S S; Surendran, K P
2015Hafnium silicate: A new microwave dielectric ceramic with low thermal expansivityJobin Varghese; Tony Joseph; Surendran, K P; Rajan, T P D; Sebastian, M T
2023-08-18Hydrothermal Carbonization of V2O5 Nanowires into Aerogels for Excellent Green Electromagnetic Interference ShieldingAparna, P N; Surendran, K P
2017-05Li2ZnTi3O8 based High κ LTCC Tapes for Improved Thermal Management in Hybrid Circuit ApplicationsArun, S; Sebastian, M T; Surendran, K P