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2005[6+3] cycloaddition of fulvenes with 3-oxidopyrylium betaine: a novel methodology for the synthesis of fused cyclooctanoid natural productsRadhakrishnan, K V; Syam Krishnan, K; Bhadbhade, M M; Bhosekar, G V
2006[6+3] cycloaddition of pentafulvenes with 3-oxidopyrylium betaine: a novel methodology toward the synthesis of 5-8 fused oxabridged cyclooctanoidsSyam Krishnan, K; Sajisha, V S; Anas, S; Suresh, C H; Bhadbhade, M M; Bhosekar, G V; Radhakrishnan, K V
2011Expeditious synthesis of N-bridged heterocycles via dipolar cycloaddition of pentafulvenes with 3-oxidopyridinium betainesJinesh, M K; Sreeja, T; Rani, R; Syam Krishnan, K; Suresh, E; Radhakrishnan, K V
2007Interplay of dual reactivity in the reaction of pentafulvenes with 1,2,4-triazoline-3,5-diones: Experimental and theoretical investigationsAnas, S; Syam Krishnan, K; Sajisha, V S; Anju, K S; Radhakrishnan, K V; Suresh, E; Suresh, C H
2017-02-02Recent Advances in the Chemistry of PentafulvenesPreethanuj, P; Syam Krishnan, K; Sreeja, T; Sarath Chand, S; Jomy Joseph; Nair, V; Jaroschik, F; Radhakrishnan, K V
2006Regioselective Synthesis of Novel 7-5-8-Fused Oxabridged Tricyclic Molecules via Consecutive Dipolar Cycloaddition of Pentafulvenes with 3-Oxidopyrylium BetainesSyam Krishnan, K; Suresh, E; Saumini Mathew; Radhakrishnan, K V
2006Studies on the synthetic utility of [6+3]cycloaddition of pentafulvenes with 3-oxidopyrylium betaines: efficient synthesis of fused ring cyclooctanoidsSyam Krishnan, K; Smitha, M; Suresh, E; Radhakrishnan, K V
2007-10Synthetic utilization of pentafulvenes towards fused ring cyclooctanoids and related chemistrySyam Krishnan, K; Radhakrishnan, K V